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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just gramma.....continues....

This week has not been a very good for me...guess I just have the blahs. The weather is depressing we had one nice day to speak of it was so hot really, then goes right back down to being cold. It's April where is the nice weather? Today and all weekend it is suppose to rain. Today is sat I do not have to work so I am going to make beds, do laundry, clean the bathroom and my car is thristy.
I was just aggrevated this week my job is so that some days I hate getting ready to go it, I hate the idea I have to worry about lack of money. I am worried a little about my son too, he is a szcophrenic 22 years old he doesn't do a whole lot mostly stays in his basement room and does things on his computer and watches tv, He doesn't clean house to laundry or cook except for he microwave, he doesn't drive and from his therapist he can not live on his own. I worry because i am not gonna live forever and I often wonder what will happen to him, where will he go? I need to think long and hard about that and figure that out. That worries on mind alot lately.
Then my grand daughter's father has visited with her twice which hasn't happened for 4 years. Iam a little torn about that too, because after 4 years he decides he wants to be father. She doesn't know it is her father...yet some day I will tell her if he keeps commign around. Guess I am getting soft in my older years I am not sure if I want him comming around or not last I knew he wasn't a very nice guy, But people can change as they mature and I think she deserve for me to give him a chance. So we will see where it leads in the future.
Makayla has been a handful this week, her mother was here for 3 days and soemitmes it is a little much for her. When the third day evening comes she isn't very nice to her mother, hitting her, yelling at her etc. I just dont know what the problem is, I think maybee resentment because her mother isn't here all the time I just don't know that's another mystery for me.
Makyayla did help me mix a homemade pineapple upside cake it turned out very good, today we are going to attempt a banana cake, as I have bananas that need somehthing down with.
I am goign to have a yard sale next month(may) as I have some things around here that are just takign up space and I can use the money, hoping I can advetise on craigs list, facebook, and hanging up flyers will attract people as I hate to post in our local paper they charge way tooo much.
I didn't get the cabinet that I posted abot previousley when I had the money to buy it it was gone I was soooo bummed but hoping I can find another soon.
well Iam going...for now have some thing s to get done will post later
have a great weekend and thanks for reading