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Friday, December 27, 2013

Cristmas 2013

We had a great Christmas, I had my mother, step dad, sdon, daughter, and grand daughter here at  the house. We had bagels from Paneras with 2 different cream cheeses  and a fruit plate I mae with pineapple, musmelon, honey dew melon, and strawberries. 

We visited while eating then the present opening began. I got some awesome gifts, I got a bible I really wanted from my Mom I had a small one I wanted one that explained things and had big print , which is what I got, It has a beautiful decorative leather cover Thanks mom My daughter got me a awesome old wooden cart with black iron legs she worked hard for it. I just love it I can't wait until Spring to but flowers in it and put it in the yard. I got other gifts too but those 2 stand out to me. 

I t is only 2 days after after Christmas and I took the snowmen sugar, creamer, salt and pepper shakers down some Christmas flowers, the stockings and the holders, and the little snow and snow around my village down. I usually like the stuff up longer than this but with my house being so small it is very cluttered with all the decorations up. Tomorrow I will take down the little fruit tree and light up house on my kitchen table and my village on the fireplace mantle. I will leave the tree up until after New Year's and take down the outside decor when we get a temperature not in the teens with no wind.  
I realized when my 2 children were opening gifts I got them way more than I thought but itwas fun watching them open things, and the look on my grand daughter's face when she came out and saw all the Monster High stuff Santa brought her was priceless. 

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas got some great gifts as I did.

 I hope everyone's  new Year is awesome!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

I have been sitting here doing nothing so I thought I would write some since it has been so long. I am not that good of a blogger, I shouldn't wait so long to write.
My Rsd has gotten a little worse the pain in my back and feet is worse sometimes hard for me to walk, but I manage.
My finger swell and I often drop things broke 2 glasses and chipped a plate in the last 2 weeks, I often drop a cup of coffee or a pop bottle, and it is hard for me to open things.
Example a bottle of pop. A friend of mine gave me a automatic can open pens by itself with the push of a button it has really helped.
A lot has gone on  since the last time I wrote. I had to get rid of the dog I had he went after one of my grand daughter's friends and I just couldn't let him bite someone. I went awhile without a dog but being home all day alone I was bored and alone. I went to the dog pound looking at a dog I found on their website but something didn't click with him for me, I saw this small Beagle she was a little hyper but we got along real well I decided to take her I have had her for 2 months now she isn't perfect but who is? sometimes has accidents in the house and I have to cage her when I go out but all in all she is a real nice dog, a great companion for me we get along great.
I have refurbished and painted some furniture in the last 2 months a desk and chair, a vanity, a bookshelf, a little girl's chair and I have sold them all. I just finished a table I painted white and I am now working on a end table with a place for magazines hoping it's a hit as well.
It takes me awhile to sand, paint, distress and polyurethane but they get done. I can not do one a day like a lot of people because of my fingers and hips and also because my house is so Small I have to do them in the living room, not the ideal place but it work's for now.
I have gotten a few decorations out for Christmas I bought a large Santa and Mrs Claus I cant wait to put them out. Getting a table top tree this year since my house is so small really no room for a large tree. Lat year I had to block the front door and not use ti so the tree could go in front of it. So my grand daughter and I talked about it and she is cool with a table top one.
so I am going shopping for a large very full table top tree. No Charlie Brown trees here.
I will post a picture of the decorated tree when it get sup and done. Fir now enjoy a picture of my Beagle Bella.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

So sorry it has been such a long time since I written anything my body has not felt too good lots of hip pain, legs and feet aching fingers swelling. Most days it hard to type.
I am happier in my life than I have ever been. I told you in a previous post that I met a really nice guy well I feel like a school girl again, I think about him all the time, He calls me every night sometimes 2 and 3 times I so look forward to talking to him. I love to hear his voice, I love his laugh and he is funny, and the nicest man I ever met.
We have not been going out much as he works a lot of hours every day 6 days per week. He really doesn't have the time. I love going out with him, we used to go out a lot when we forst met and I loved it.. I love spending time with him.
I wouldn't say I love him .....yet.
I think of him as a man I am dating, and hoping it turns into more. We have both had a bad previous relationship  and we want to take it slow, get to know each other more and if it does turn into more...which I am hoping, we will know it is truly the right thing and that we are meant to be together.
We are going out next Saturday which I am so looking forward too just like a teenager all giddy.
More to come 
I hope you all have a great weekend!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

wish list!

Hello All Hope you all are going to have a great Saturday today and a great weekend. It has been raining here all evening had a small thunderstorm with very bad lighting, but it did not last very long. It is 2:46am needless to day I have been up all night so far, Another Thunderstorm stared about 20 minutes ago still going strong very loud thunder and very bad lighting with a downpour of rain.

Except for the last 2 days it has rained for 18 days straight here in good ole Michigan, It seemed the kids were never going to be able to enjoy any of their summer off. The last 2 days no rain my granddaughter was able to be outside riding her bike and swimming in her pool, she loves it. It has also been in the mid 90's here with 100% humidity making it feel like 104, I broke down today and bought a second air conditioner I couldn't stand it anymore.

I finally got my 2 wicker chairs painted and sprayed with sealer. I put one on the front and one on the back porches they look really nice soon as I got them done and out the forecast became became rain so I haven't enjoyed them yet but I will. I will take a picture of them hopefully today if I get a break in the rain and post on here for you to see them.  am going to my local habitat Restore tomorrow, they are having a tent sale hopefully I can find something cheap that needs painting and new knobs to do and resell. If I find something I will post before pics. 

Maybe a dresser and a twin bed for my granddaughter her dresser isn't very sturdy and the middle drawer in her bed keeps falling apart. If so I will paint the dresser pink and white.

Tomorrow since it raining and everything outside is soaked I am going to clean and paint the knobs for the dresser in my bedroom that I have half painted I have to leave the drawers opened halfway in order to get clothes out of it, I also may paint the last drawer then just have the bottom of the sides and then a 2nd coat on the sides and it will be done.

Well going to try to sleep have a wonderful weekend Goodnight!!!!

Cinnamon Rose Cottage: Saturday's Seller Showcase At Cinnamon Rose Cottage ~ Link Your Shop

Cinnamon Rose Cottage: Saturday's Seller Showcase At Cinnamon Rose Cottage ~ Link Your Shop

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hello all I am sorry that I have been away so long, I have been hurting quite a bit, and I have been very busy. I bought a used Ford Explorer I needed a second vehicle  found it on Craigslist, wasn't far from my home I went and looked at it, drove it down the block doesn't ride real smooth but it isn't bad for just diving around my town. It has no dents or scratches, looks real good.

I have painted a small stand just have to do the very bottom of it which I will do tonight, distress it a little put poly on it and it will be read to sell. I love painting furniture I wish I had room to redo big pieces but I just don't.  I have no garage or storage space at all.

I really love my home, With my RSD I do not have a lot of rooms to clean no upstairs to climb, except to go into the basement to do laundry, so it is convenient for me.  I am trying to decorate it nice I have found a few older pieces at the Goodwill store, and  I won a online auction a big fork and a frosting spreader from the 40's for 1.00 each a bargain! I have them hung up in the kitchen when it gets done the way I want I will take pictures and post them. It is nothing compared to the home tours people have on their blogs, they are so beautiful. But..  when you are on a tight budget you buy what you can hear and there.

I have been working a little in yard, planting flowers, putting down a brick boarder, pulling weeds, moving sand stone putting down mulch. A lot of it is me supervising my daughter LOL she has been a great help I can not get down and do the things I want done, so she has been doing it for me. I do a what I can.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Here in Michigan it has been hard to really enjoy the summer, I feel bad for the kids, because it had been raining seems like forever everything is soaked. Hopefully it will stop and things will dry up.

Everyone have a great week I will be preparing for a yard swale this fri and sat I really need to get rid of some things.

I will try not to be such a stranger LOL Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I had a appointment with my pain Dr. today she refilled all my medicines, the new medicine she put
me on last month doesn't take my back pain away but it takes the sharp pains away, Which I am real glad of.
This RSD is just something that I am always going to have and a disease that will never get better.
I just have to take it one day at a time. Some days are better than others.
I am still going out with the guy I spoke of in my last post. He is so nice, and sweet. He always opens doors for me, never lets me pay when we go out. So far it is very awesome.
He just invited me out Friday night for the whole night and I am going it should be a great night.
I think things are going very well. I hope things keep going this way, We have a lot in common, we would rather stay home snuggling and watching a movie, we both like boating and going to the beach, we both like sitting by a bomb fire. When he came to fix my bathroom faucet he said I have the same shower curtain in my bathroom(lighthouses and boats) and he said my kitchen is red with apples (mine is red no apples) I think that is a lot of common things. Hopefully things will work out.
Good night all and God Bless!

Monday, April 22, 2013

A new Beginning

It looks as though my life is looking up a little, I rent my home and when I need something fixed I call the real estate company and they send their maintenance man over, well the one we always have was busy with another project and I was asked if another one could come I said sure. Well he came over took him all of 10 minutes to fix the problem, then I asked him about a crack in the foundation the exact spot where we get water in the basement, I told him my name and he said he thought he recognized me, turns out we lived across the street from one another from about 5years of age till 11 when his family moved.
We stood talking for about a half hour he is very nice, as he was leaving he said we should get together and talk about old times I said that would be great. I wasn't sure if I would actually hear from him again, but the next day he called me we talked for a few minutes and then he mentioned going to the movies on sat(this was Thursday) I said sure just let me know what time.
He called me on fri and sat too we ended going to a late movie Saturday night. I haven't been to the movies in about 10 years, was real nice to get out.
We have talked everyday on the phone usually twice and sometimes three times per day, We went to Pizza Hut this last Saturday for supper, we ate and talked it was really nice.
I haven't been out with a guy in 2 years since I left my husband.
I think I like him he is very sweet and kind. I am hoping he likes me too, I think he does a little.
We will see where things lead we haven't known each other that long but I am keeping my fingers crossed.
The new medicine the pain Dr. gave me seems to be working a little. My back feels better most days 
I fell a week ago right on my behind, tripped over a rug. My back has been hurting more since, but I am sure it will feel better soon.
Sorry it has been so long since the last blog.
Have a great day
God Bless!

Friday, April 5, 2013


It is now 2:35am and I am just now getting a little tired, I have been sick for 2 days, I went to the Dr. today I got antibiotics and sinus medication I am hoping I feel better soon, I went to the pain Dr. yesterday she started me on a new medication for my back it has been hurting very badly, Sometimes I can hardly walk it is so bad.
My son bought a coffee table at our local Habitat store it needed a little cosmetic work so I sanded the top down, stained it, and put polyurethane over it, It turned out awesome.
I have a magazine rack that I painted grey I am hoping today to get it distressed and waxed then I can put it up for sale. 
I may have a yard sale again this year, I am hoping to have it somewhere besides my house I live on a street that not  a lot of people come down, I need somewhere that is on a busy street, I have quite a lot to put on the sale, I need to get rid of some things to make room for furniture that I want to paint for selling. The only place I have is in the basement for storing. I also have a table it is very nice and sturdy I want to get that painted, distressed, and waxed for selling too but with my hip leg and back pain it takes me awhile to get them done. In the meantime I am cross stitching a Christmas tablecloth for selling on my esty  store.

Everyone have a great day!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

He is called you know who

This is going to be a short post it is 12:58am my eyes are tired but my body is wide awake, Something that happens especially in the evenings and at night. My feet feel like someone is pricking them with a needle drives me nuts! my legs tingle and it gets worse when I lay, So I thoguth I would post.
I told you before about my ex in the previous post how he has been hurting my 6 year old grand daughter. The last month hasn't been pretty with her outburst over him ignoring her and her feeling like he diesn't love her anymore. I have asked him over and over how he could continue t hurt a 6 year old that he has always considered his grand daughter but he won't ansdwer the question, So I have just decided se doesn't need any contact with him at all and she will begin to realize what kind of person he really is. I shut his phone off and took it off my acount totally, and we haven't talked on the computer in awhile and it feels pretty good to sever all ties. I thougtht I would be upset but I'm not. what does that say?
This week my grand daughter twice in conversation referred to her grandpa as you know who, inside I was like wow I can't believe she referred to her grandpa as you know who. I was also thinking I love it maybee she is forgetting about him already it took less time than I thought. She told me whenever he comes up in conversation that is what he will be called you know who.
I think it's for the best someone who doesn't care about the feeling of a 6 year old he supposedly loves doesn't deserve to be around her.
You know who will regret it one day he has already missed her last 2 birthdays the last 3 Christmases, all the holidays, and not had one regret that he did. So when the years pass with no contact with her he will think back and hopefully realize that all her birthdays, christmases, school actiivites and dances, first boyfrind, birthdays have gone by and he didn't get to enjoy any of them.
I am not sure tht will happen he may just forget about her, which is nothing different from what he has been doing.
I am hoping he doesn't forget about her because it will hurt him more loving her and not be able to be with her and talk to her looking at the  pictures of her he has, all under 5 years old and wonder what she looks likes as a teenager and adult and what she has been doing.
I know that is terrible to think that way but after all the hurt he put me through I just soemtimes don't have it in me to be nice to him. I want im to hurt like he hurt me.
My grand daughter will not suffer she has only been with him maybe 10 times in the last 3 years and I think she is young enough to just forget about him and live a happy life without you know who.
I just don't want her to hurt anymore it isn't fair to her, and if I continue to let her see him and talk to him on the phone her feelings will just start all ovver again, and then she will get hurt again, and again.
Well there it is from now on he will be you know who.

Good night all God Bless!!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

good bye to bad rubbish

Well as you all know I was letting my ex husband the one who abused me come and see my grand daughter on occasion becuase she loves him and him her he had always treated her like a princess and myself or my daughter was always around when they were together. well he had been ignoring her she has called him several times left voixe messages for him my daughter and I have contacted him on facebook and through yahoo messenger to let him know she really wanted to talk to him, loved and missed him very much but he never respinded to any of them, my grand daughter and him were talkign on the phone every nght then he just stopped for some reason no explanation. well he didn't pay his phone bill this month his phone is on my account and he has aleays paid it since I didn't get paid I suspended his phone. I figure why should he be able to have to have a free phone? He always had a free ride while we married he didn't deserve one now.
He finally messaged me on messenger he was upset I suspended it, didn't talk very nice to me I kept asking him why he was ignoring his grand duaghter(step no blood relation) why he was making her upset and cry when he wouldn't answer the phone when she called(for 3 weeks before I turned the phone off) he refused to answer and still hasn't to this day.
So today I called my phone carrier and had his phone taken off my account for good I hate that I have to pay a early callelation fee but it is well worth it.
My grand daughter is only 6 and she gets upsets thinking about the grandpa she loves very much and can bnot understand his actions, But hse is beggining to understand sadly what kind of person he really is, and doesn't love her like he used to. I hate it that it has to happen, and I hate it that I didn't just say no when he asked to see her when we were no longer together she was only 4 and would have had a better and shorter time to forget him so it is all my fault.
I did her a injustice now it will take her a little longer to forget him but I know eventually she will and it will be for the best.
I realize I am so much better without him I seem to have more money, I seem to be happier except for my chronic pain that keeps me from doing most of the things I love. I don't have to answer to anyone except myself and it feels good.
I just needed to make today the day I break all ties with him for myself and my grand daughter and the phone was the last thing.
He is having a good time in Florida with his blood grand children and son where it is warm I am so hoping he stays there for good that way there will be 1800 miles seperating us and that is the best.
I dont have to worry about trouble then.
He has brainwashed his parents, children brothers, neices, nephews his entire fanily against me but if he would just tell them the things he did to me and my children over the 10 years we were togetherr they would feel a lot different, but he doesn't want them to know so he can be the good guy who suffered. Oh well it used to bother me but it doesn't anymore. I loved him even after we seperated but now there just isn't anything there and I am so happy now with my life it feels good to be where I am.

More to come
God Bless!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello Everyone Happy Sunday to you all!
I don't have a lot to write about today but wanted to make a apperance, I got the painting all done on the kitchen cabinets, I got my bedroom all cleaned up and the awesome vintage desk and endtable in there they look awesome. I finally got my printer hooked up and put on the desk it it so nice to be able to print out coloring pages for my grand daughter and coupons.
I am looking for a small farmhouse table I have been looking in the classifids and on craigslist with no luck. I am hoping that my step dad's son in law can make one for me I just hate the table I have in there now not nice looking. I would like reclaimed wood on the top and I will paint hte table legs white I only have room in my small kitchen for 3 chairs but I will paint them white but I would like to be mismatched.
I did a awesome score at my local Habitat restore 2 beaultiful in almost new condiiton wicker rocking chairs for my front porch now I just need a small wicker table to put in between them I am planning on staining my front porch this spring so they will look awesome.
I haven't talked to my ex in a month he was coming down to see my grand daughter every now and then but decided to go to Florida for some reason he didn't say he was going although he doesn't answer to me. At first my grand daughter was upset because she wanted him to come to see her but then they were talking on the phone almost every night and she was content with that although she still wanted to see him. Then he just stopped talking to her, didn't answer her voice messages, nothing. she would get so upset and run into her room and cry and say grandpa must not love me anymore he diesn't come see me he doesn't talk to me anymore. He has continued to hurt her for 3 weeks I feel so bad for her.
I have left him voice messages, text messenger messages, messages on facebook he just doesn't answer any of them I just wanted to know what was going on thathe is hurting her so much.
He didn't pay his phone bill(he is still on my account) so I tunred his phone off, I weill probabley just take it off my account entirtely. His son texted me asking me if I turned it off and I said yes he said he is at my house and has been for 4 weeks babysitting my kids and I need to get a hold him long story shirt I now know he went to Florida to see his son. He could have just said that.
He rtexted me on messenger and told me I was full of s*** about everything and although I have asked him several times why he is hurting his granddaughter he refuses to answer I do not know why I should have cut off all contact between the 2 of them when I left him in 2010 but she was so heartbroken not seeing him that I let him come down and she was just in her glory. Now though it is so hard for her since she is almost 7 years old hard for her to understand why he doesnt see her or talk to her anymore but Ithink she is getting some idea of the kind of person she really is and that makes it worse on her.
I am hopign it doesn't take her long to forget him now.  have taken all pictures of hima nd his family off the walls, I took all the pictures of him and her out of my scrapbook, my daughter and I try not to mention his name anymore, when she asked to call him we make up some kind of excuse because it just makes her so upset when he doesn't answer. I have thrown away all the things he has gotten her to try and not have any reminders. Once in awhile she finds something in her room that I missed and she starts crying but i will say it is getting easier for you.
I guess when a man is a drunk, abuser, lier, and cherater it is hard for him to be a human even to a 6 year old. sad but so true.
I have been on a domestic violence website and there are so many women who being abused I can't figure out where it goes wrong in men why do they feel the need to abusee and lie cheat and steal and be drunk all the time I just don't get it they must get their jollys out of it for some reason. Very sad.
I am hoping this stops being a epidenicc and more men can treat women like they should be treated.
It hurts a entire family when a man is abusive to his wife/partner.
Be careful all and seek help if you need it don't stay just because you feel you need to because he has threatened you if you leave or because you don't work get out before it is too late.

God Bless all! have a great week!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I ghope everone had a good wrdnesdWell Iam seriousley thinking about homeschooling my grand daughter next year she will be in second grade. I am not happy with her school or some of the employees at her school. Plus with the shootings at all the schools I hear about makes me nervous her being there away from me all day.
My grand daughter is having trouble in the mornings getting up and moving, getting dressed, brushing her teeth, breakfast brushign her and teeth. I do not know if it is too early for her to be getting up, something going on at school and she doesn't wanst to go I haven't figured it out yet.
She was sick for a couple days had to miss school then about every other day since then she has a tummy ache, or a headache and wants her temperature taken because maybe she needs to stay home,
Makes me think she has somethign going on at school.
She was really upset when she came home today she was goign with another teacher to study reading the teacher stopped in the office to get a book next thing you know she was in teouble for fooling around and running in the hall the office lady told her teacher and she was told as punishment she had to miss some of hte Valentine"s day party the next day. She says she was not fooling around ahe was standing in line just talkong to her friends while waiting for the teacher.
I can usuallyh tell oif she telling fib and I believe her, so off to the school I go in the morning.
I do not want her punished for something she did not do. I htink sometimes people believe adults over students even if the teacher is wrong, just becuase they are the adult.
Our public school system has laid off amny teachers and I personally thing it is a bad thing, because we have teachers now that have to pull double duty and some classes have too many students to teach in one class and I think it hurts the learning of the students. My grand daughters class only have 19 studednts thatt isn't bad.
I can not afford a private school which I don't now if that would be anybetter or not.
Last year for kndergarten she went to a charter school which I really liked but I wanted er to wear pretty clothes so I put her in public school. I am regretting that decision I think,. The public school has a lot more to offer.

well my eyes are closing I hope everyhoen has a goof night see you tomorrw.
God Bless!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Busy Busy

Happy Sunday to All! Again I haven't been on here in a long time I have been very busy. I did get the fireplace I have been wanting it wasn't the one I saw in the ad it is better it looks like real stone has a dark wood mantle. I just purchased a mantle scarf for it cream color with fringe hanging down all around the edges I can't wait to get it.
I also bought a different grey for my kitchen cabinets, the color I painted them had a bluish tint I did not like this is light grey I got them all painted a coat they look awesome.
I purchased a desk and 2 matching nightstands from my local Habitat Restore they are white with gold trim I love them I only had room for one nightstand in my bedroom it is very small so I gave the other one to my daughter for her room. I haven't been able to use them yet my room is in bad disarray things all over I haven't had time to do anything in there yet.
I painted a vintage chair I found at a sale it was a not so nice yellow I painted it white now to just find some fabric for the seat it will look awesome with the vintage desk.
I also went to the pain Dr I have been having a lot of back pain which is new, my legs hips and feet have been hurting more. She raised the milligrams on my Neurotin  gave me a muscle relaxer, and started me on Cymbalta I have been feeling a little better but I think with all the painting I have been doing is making me hurt worse but it has to be done. Takes me a long time I have to do it in sessions but it is getting done.
As soon as I get my room straightened around I will paint my vintage dresser I found it is in my room still with Spackle all over the drawers waiting to be sanded, then I will start on the magazine rack I bought it will be painted grey and distressed and waxed I purchased my first bag of Webster's chalk paint powder to add to the paint and their wax then I will put it up for sale have a potato bin and a table to do after that will take some time but hoping they look awesome when done.
well here are pictures of the kitchen cabinets I painted and the fireplace I got I hope you like them.

God Bless!

Monday, January 7, 2013


Hello everyone Seems like I haven't been on here in awhile I have been busy since I took my Christmas decorations down which I did earlier this year than I usually do, but I really wanted a electric fireplace, more for the decoration aspect of it than for heat. I found one I really liked on sale so I needed to have the room for it. I have a very small house so I had to get rid of a ottoman I had as a coffee table I put it in the basement where my daughter stays so my grand daughter could use it as storage. It opens up she put all her papers, coloring books, crayons and markers in it saved a lot of space.
I was jealous of all the Christmas mantle decorations I saw on Facebook so I had to have a fireplace with a mantle that I could decorate. The one I saw in a sale ad was not the one I ended up getting. This one is awesome it looks like stone with a dark wood mantle. I have a picture and a winter flower arrangement on it for now, but I will be decorating it more when I find a really cool runner to put on it. I have been looking around but nothing has caught my eye yet.
So I rearranged my living room and with the ottoman out there and the new throw rug I put down the living room looks so much bigger, I love it. I still have a lot of things to do to my little house to make it where I really want it decorating wise. I am not sure if anyone is really ever done decorating their house they always seem to want to change paint colors, or bedding, or pictures etc.
I wish I had the money to really do more but I think I am doing good for my budget. In the next month I will be painting a wall and doing touch up paint, and I am really excited to be trying my hand at furniture painting with chalk paint. I am hoping it goes well.
Well all until next time God Bless!