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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I ghope everone had a good wrdnesdWell Iam seriousley thinking about homeschooling my grand daughter next year she will be in second grade. I am not happy with her school or some of the employees at her school. Plus with the shootings at all the schools I hear about makes me nervous her being there away from me all day.
My grand daughter is having trouble in the mornings getting up and moving, getting dressed, brushing her teeth, breakfast brushign her and teeth. I do not know if it is too early for her to be getting up, something going on at school and she doesn't wanst to go I haven't figured it out yet.
She was sick for a couple days had to miss school then about every other day since then she has a tummy ache, or a headache and wants her temperature taken because maybe she needs to stay home,
Makes me think she has somethign going on at school.
She was really upset when she came home today she was goign with another teacher to study reading the teacher stopped in the office to get a book next thing you know she was in teouble for fooling around and running in the hall the office lady told her teacher and she was told as punishment she had to miss some of hte Valentine"s day party the next day. She says she was not fooling around ahe was standing in line just talkong to her friends while waiting for the teacher.
I can usuallyh tell oif she telling fib and I believe her, so off to the school I go in the morning.
I do not want her punished for something she did not do. I htink sometimes people believe adults over students even if the teacher is wrong, just becuase they are the adult.
Our public school system has laid off amny teachers and I personally thing it is a bad thing, because we have teachers now that have to pull double duty and some classes have too many students to teach in one class and I think it hurts the learning of the students. My grand daughters class only have 19 studednts thatt isn't bad.
I can not afford a private school which I don't now if that would be anybetter or not.
Last year for kndergarten she went to a charter school which I really liked but I wanted er to wear pretty clothes so I put her in public school. I am regretting that decision I think,. The public school has a lot more to offer.

well my eyes are closing I hope everyhoen has a goof night see you tomorrw.
God Bless!!!

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