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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

bored and frustrated

Well, I am sitting here in my chair which what I have most of the weekend. My hip is still hurting although not as much as a month ago, but now my good leg and hip are hurting pretty bad I think becase I compensate so much for the right hip and the only position I can lay is on my left side and it starts hurting almost a soon as I lay down. I am so hoping this gets better soon I have been off work sicne 7/18 going to therapy for a month I see some improvement but not much.
I did have some good success on ebay the last 22 weeks, I sold a wedding ring, a couple of younger toys, and a couple avon perfumes. Made enought o buy 4 Christmas gifts for my granddaughter and a few things for myself with money left over. Not bad.
My sweet Makayla starts kindergarten today I can  n ot believe how she has grown up. seems like the last 5 years went by fast.
On October 14th she has another surgery on her feet but thankfully it is only her right foot this time, she will have a cast for 8 weeks going tot he U of M every 2 weeks to have the cast off and another put on, a pain in the rear but gotta do what is best for her. hopign that goes by quick too.
I have blogged about some of my domestic violence situations and I hope it helped even one person. As much as I have discovered I do not not want to be with my ex anymore my grand daughter sure is missing him, she calls out for him sometimes. I told my ex that I have no problem with him comming to viist her he SAID he still wanted to be her grandpa(even when people split up the children shouldn't have to suffer) he was my grand daughter's whole world she worshiped the ground he walked on and he was very good to her. I kept asking him to come see her, he broke 3 ribs in late June and kept saying that he could ride here a hour and 20 minutes to come visit her because of too much pain, but...I find out today from a relative of his that he went to Houghton Lake on thursday which is a 3 hour and 20 minute drive. I do not understand that. I mean why lie to me? if you no longer want to be Makayla's grandpa and come see her just say so so I don't have to keep telling her soon grandpa will come soon to see you. Let the hurt be over with.
As much as I realize that my ex went out of his way to hurt me physically, verbally, a affair and all the other things I truely believed he still loved Makayla. I think this just proved that he does not. I never wanted to keep her grandpa from her, but I am beginning to think it is the best thing for her. she has not seen him since late June and I am thinking that the longer she goes without seeing him she will learn to forget and it won't her so much. I just hate to see and hear her cry for him. Just isn't right what do you all think?? I really thought he loved her but I guess a person who abusers anothr and gets drunk alot may just be uncapable of love. it is very sad.
well ladies make sure you see the signs of abuse before it is too late. My ex was nice and sweet and really played it up for me the first few months we were together I didn't find out until after we were married that he was the way he is.
thanks for reading more later
God Bless!