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Monday, March 28, 2011 a gramma

I folow one of my fellow bloggers the name of her blog is Manny hats mommy which is a awesome title I have found that I am a many hats grandma--which at my age never thought I would be raising a little one...I am not as old as a typical gramma I don't think most are in their 50's and 60's I am in my 40"s. but I find myself a full time caregiver-I don't like to use mommy because she has a mommy..but mommy type I am her chauffeur, her bather, her friend, her cook, her house cleaner, any anything I need to be. which I really love but with working 30 hours a week, taking and picking her up from daycare, paying bills, grocery shopping I am exhausted. to top it off she doesn't ever go to bed before 10pm most nights at 11pm so I have no ME time, anyone have any ideas about that?? but Iam learning to be a kinder person to have more patience..which I never had before and I am doing more things with her which I regret not doing more with my own children becase I was always so busy working 2 jobs. I need to be more frugal not buy so much, balance what little money I have better-I have a roof over our heads, I never lack food or clothing but I could do better, Iam also learnig there are alot of freebie things to do out there. I never looked before now I find if I spend more time looking for freebies they are things that we really enjoy i april we are going to a popcorn tour and a kids day at the Monroe Mall . so I am in a learning process too like so many other new moms. cept I am a gramma

Sunday, March 6, 2011

just sunday 3/6/2011

not much going on this sunday-i made the beds ate breakfast(toaster strudels) watched some cash & cari on the computer, went to craft 2000(local craft store) and got a bulletin board Iam going to decorate and hang up for notes-had to pick up my son from a friend's house, took him to the dollar store then had to go back to the friends house for something he had forgotten. since then been home watching the race and working on a  cross stitch.  My grand daughter is out to a birthday party with her mother, I hope she is behaving! 
You know I talk to some people and they think life is rough, I wish they were in my shoes for 4 days. I have to worry about how my bills are getting paid, worry about my hours being reduced again at work, if my grand daughter is sick how i will got to work,how  I will I buy food, how will I put gas in my car. just to name a few. They have to worry about what they are having for dinner, and where are they going this year on vacation. It has been a long time since I had a vacation, they just have NO idea. But I  have to live each day raising my grand daughter the best I can. I really don't have alot of complaints I have a nice house with a big yard, I have a beautiful grand duaghter, I have a newer car, I am grateful for the part time job I have not alot of people can find a job. I do wish that I had a second hand store of my own(my drean), and I do wish I had more money to get the things I want but overall we don't go without much.
well time to make dinner
have a good day

Saturday, March 5, 2011

just mumblings.....3/5/2011

Well today is saturday I do not have to work, was going to take my grand daughter down to the popcorn tour it's kids day but...she is still sleeping she didn't go to bed until 11:15 pm last night. so she is tired. I am letting her sleep, I am going to try to get my Avon business going more I am going to pin up my business cards on bullentin boards, order a bunch of samples and mini demos so I have items on hand people want to try, also going to print up flyers and and hand them out. see if these things get my business going good.
I may be getting my hours cut at work again. I am already down to 25 a week going to either have to get a second job or get sellign more avon, I am going down to a second hand store and buying this beautiful old cabinet that needs alot of love Iam going to sand it down paint it a beautiful yellow but new knobs on it, and contact paper in the shelves. I can't wait to see the end result. Hoping to resell it for a profit. If it does good I will buy another piece to refurbish.
Today is my grand duahgter's day with her mother I hope they get along well today laately seems they arent getting along with each other and makes my day off very hectic. Not sure what else I can do. as soon as I figure out how to add pics to my blogs I will post my progress with the cabinet.
Have a great day all!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A very frustrated Gramma 3/1/2011

I love my granddaughter dearley but today has really tried my patience. I took her out to breakfast at Mcdonalds let her play in the playscape, then we went to her therapy appointment, cam ehome we made a chocolate cake together she cracked the eggs put in the water and helped me with the electric mixer. then we went to a thrift store, stopped and got chili dogs on the way home, and since then she has been impossible.
Grandma will you, grandma. will you, grandma will you? I get back sat down and she is at me again. I do not have 3 mins of peace. It has taken me a very long time to write this blog.
I have yelled at her once today and I feel very bad about it, she is only 4 1/2. I did apologize to her. I just have to remember she IS only 4 1/2 and they are needy little people.
Then my son who is 22 has a slight disabillity has a hard time doing anything for me but expect me to do everything for him. Just gets frustrating. I guess it is becase Iam not used to do everything alone I have always had a significant other until september of 2010, I have been single since and have had to cook take care of the house take care of my grand daughter alone and work all on my own.
well enough of my complaining I am happy to have my grand daughter I love her dearly she is just needy and I need to be more understanding.