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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good sunday morning to all
I had a good saturday I had my new light fixture hung in the bathroom it had to be hung higher than the old one so I had to paint I finally finished that yesterday--The maintence man put in a new kitchen faucet for me( paid for by the people I rent from) looks so much better than the old one. Now I just need someone to hang the ceiling fan.
I sold a pair of girl's pants on ebay yesterday and have a watcher on 3 more itmes I am hoping they sell too, I have so many things I need to get out of the house that is cluttering it up.
I played euchre at a friend's house last night had a really good time, but then my leg was hurting when I got home so was up until 2:45am getting used to that. This morning my legs and feet are tingling, and half numb, my fingers are swollen, I forgot to take my rings off last night they were vry hard to pry off this morning. I have to make a appointment with a Neurologist this week see if he can figure out weather I have RSD or not. Or soemhting else. Either way will be nice to have a diagnosis so I can get the proper treatment.
Physical therapy is helping a little but if I do too muich I have such bad pain that I can hardley walk, or do anything. I was hoping to have had more progress by now. I have had 5 visits now. We will see I have 3 more sessions this week, see what happenes after those.
well here is a picture of the finished hung light fixture and the painting I did.
 Here is a picture of a great ebay find I hung in the bathroom--thought it looked really good with the lighthouse theme.

hope you enjoyed reading this
more to come

Thursday, March 22, 2012

10,000 Men Supporting VAWA

Every 12 seconds in the United States, a man abuses the woman he has promised to love. Every two minutes in the U.S., a man rapes a woman–usually a woman he knows.
But most men don’t rape; most of us don’t abuse. Yet we remain silent and consider these issues “women’s issues.”  As White Ribbon Campaign co-founder Michael Kaufman has said, “We stay home in droves on this issue.”
It’s long past time  most men actually support VAWA and its goals–which are to improve law enforcement and community support against domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. With VAWA reauthorization in jeopardy, it’s time for us to make that support public. Of course everyone should support VAWA, but h. One in three women will be victims of domestic abuse or sexual violence in their lifetime, with men as the primary perpetrators. Most men are close to at least three women, so statistically one of those women will be victimized by violence–and it’s our job to speak out against that violence. It’s our job to hold other men accountable for their violence and work towards a culture of peace and respect.ere are particular re
The Violence Against Women Act was originally introduced in Congress by a man–the same man who is now our vice president. Since then, it’s been implemented, enhanced and reauthorized by smart women and men. I urge all people to support their work and help create a future free from violence.
asons men should for that to change.
These are a few facts on domestic violence I found they are very interesting facts-it is very sad that some men think they can emotional mentally financially and physically control a woman--I am not sure if it is because they need to be in control or just get their kicks out of abusing a woman but it happens. I am sure there are men out there who get abused by their women too-I just think it isn't reported as much I think because it would be embarrassing for the man. Maybe he would feel like less of a man. I don't know the statistics though I hope that every man or woman who suffering any kind of abuse weather you are a teenagers at the hand of your boyfriend/girlfriend , a newly married person,  a couple who have been together for years, a couple living together will get the courage to leave. You can do it living on your own isn't so bad.
I am living with my grown daughter and grand daughter I take care of them and myself. I do not need a man around to feel better about myself. I do not need a man anymore to tell me that my opinion isn't worthy, that I have to be home at a certain time and why was I 30 mins late from a outing with my mother. I do not need a man to take my money (which I never had alot of , just paychecks from working for bills) to buy booze or spend on another "girl". I am lonley sometimes, I don't go out, but... I am much happier in the fact that I don't have to walk on eggshells everyday. It is a much better life.
more to come

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bad pain!

I had another round of therapy today I do not do much the therapist usually move my right leg from side to side up and down I only have 3 things I actually do myself-well today she had me do something different where I put each foot on a scale and try putting as much pressure on my right leg as possible, it hurt while I was doing it but I did it becase it is the only way I am going to gain strength in my leg.
I had to ride with my daughter to pick my grand daughter up from school as I got out of therapy at the exact time my daughter ususally leaves the house, the therapist gave me a bag of ice to use to put on my hip while we were waiting in the car for her. I used it for 20 mins. My leg was hurting but wasn't too bad.
I was home about a half hour and my leg started hurting bad, I was gettign sharp pains in my hip, I had a burning feeling, and my thigh and calf was aching. Only thign I can think of is it was the new exersice I did at therapy I always avoid putting pressure on my right side. As little as possible, and do put pressure on it on purpose at therapy I do believe was too much for me. 
It is now 4 1/2 hours after I got doen with therapy and I have taken 2 ultram and I am sitting with a cold pack on my right hip as I write this. I am having a real hard time walking it hurts just to sit. 
I am not sure what I am going to do I have to do therapy in order to try and get strength in my right side, and to make my insurance company happy, But if I am going to hurt this bad from doing that particular exersice I won't be able to do it again. 
I have a grand daughter to raise I can not be laid up and not be able to do things with her. 
I have therapy again on friday in 2 days we will see what happens then.
more to come

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Finished Projects

well I finally finished a set of pillowcases I crossed stitched each one has lighthouses, a house, sand, and water
I also finished a bear baby bib
and I bought a ceiling fan from A habitat restore for $15.00 I thought was a great deal I I used craft paint and painted 2 blades dark pink and 2 blades light pink this will be going into my grand daughter's bedroom
next I am hoping to finish a bench I got for FREE soon if the weather holds off enough this week been getting bad storms here, I am going to sand it, paint it, my step dad is going to make legs for it I will paint those white and then list it for sale
please visit my etsy website for cross stitch, jewelry, and fun fur scarves,
Hope everyone has a great day I am hurting but it's a better day pain wise today!
more to come

Monday, March 12, 2012


Well had my second day of physical therapy today, my first one on friday last week just him seeign what i could do and the therapist doing lots of paperwork to make up my plan. It hurt so bad today doing. You really take noticve of the things you can't do, Just lifting my leg laying on my side was very hard and a couple times I needed the therapist help to do it. It is very disapointing. One day I can walk no problems hold down a full times job, sometimes two, to hurting some walkiign with a limp, to having difficulty climbing stairs, and now to not  climbing stairs, have to walk with a cane, use the riding carts if I go shopping, and can not bend very well.
I sdaid in a earlier post the new pain Dr I went to said he thinks I have RSD a chronic pain disorder. I am wondering if he is right. In the past week I have achyness in both my arms and thighs, very bad tingling in my lower legs and feet it is so bad I wait until I just can't stay awake any longer to go to bed. Last nightit was 1:15am. The tingling and the pain in my hips woke me at 4am that is just under 3 hours of sleep, which is not enough. I had a couple errands to run and therapy I just need more sleep. I Took a pain pill before I went but didn't help my pain very much.
I am now making a appointment with a neurologist hopefully I can just get on a pain patch that helps 24 hours so I can at least get through the day without the pain being so bad that I just sit in my chair and don't so anything because I can't.
If this is the way RSD makes a person I can see where people say it really changes their lives, for the bad. I will eventually learn to live wiht it becase I have no choice but my life sure has changed inthe last 6 months. i am a active person in the sence of working 2 jobs, and doing things with my grand daughter and too not be able to do much is really annoying to me, But I will ge thtrough it just will take some time.
I have been reading blogs of other with this diease and most have a postitive attiude I will too. Hopefully the Neurologist will confirm this diagnosis so I can start being treated.
I also want to mention that I follow money saving mom on facebook with me on disability from work(60% of normal pay) I need all the savings I can get, she has a book out you can buy on amazon also she is giving the book away to a luck winner go on over to money saiving mom and ente rthe contest.
more to come

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A couple of boring days with tingling

Yesterday I didn't do much, All morning I was having tingling and numbess in my legs, feet, hands and fingers, But something new I experienced was tingling in my arms I haven't had that yet. It drove me nuts felt I had ants inside my skin, Because of this I just sat around all morning doing nothing I was really bored but felt like I couldn't do anything. This terrible tingling is a symptom of the RDS. I did go to my mom's house we didn't do much sat talked while drinking a cup of coffee, but it gave went to a second hand store a few blocks away it is new looked around for 5 mins didn't buy anything went back to her house stayed there a while then came back home.
I was still having the tingling in all my limbs but it didn't seem to be as a bad as the morning. I wanted to paint just didn't feel like my arms would handle it. so I sat around most of the evening looking on facebook, playing computer games and watchingHGTV shows. Life goes on.
Today was better this morning I managed to make my bed, do dishes, and make dinner, couldn't do anymor emy hips started hurting. This evening about 7pm my tingling is back right now my legs are tingling pretty bad, both my feet are numb and very cold. I again just watch tv, found a lifetime movie that was good, i search around facebook that's about it. I just didn't have th edesire this evening to do anything and I never do when my feet and legs feel this bad So I have very boring days, where all I want to do is lay in the bed. I force myslef to stay up then I get overly tired. But again I am surviving. My beautiful grand daughter keeps me going she comes out of her room and tells me something she thought was really good ona  movie she is watching. She come sout and says I love you and just want to give you a hug. That is awesome for me. She brightens my day everyday.
I just can't wait until spring time I am hoping by then I will have the right treatment and medicine to be able to goout and plant flowers and refurbish some furniture.
For now I sit in my chair in the living room being very bored  watching tv and dreaming about how I am going to spruce up my yard.
The bathroom is 3/4 painted I will post a after picture when it is all done. My daughter has to get onthe step ladder and do the rest for me.
more ot come.