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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A couple of boring days with tingling

Yesterday I didn't do much, All morning I was having tingling and numbess in my legs, feet, hands and fingers, But something new I experienced was tingling in my arms I haven't had that yet. It drove me nuts felt I had ants inside my skin, Because of this I just sat around all morning doing nothing I was really bored but felt like I couldn't do anything. This terrible tingling is a symptom of the RDS. I did go to my mom's house we didn't do much sat talked while drinking a cup of coffee, but it gave went to a second hand store a few blocks away it is new looked around for 5 mins didn't buy anything went back to her house stayed there a while then came back home.
I was still having the tingling in all my limbs but it didn't seem to be as a bad as the morning. I wanted to paint just didn't feel like my arms would handle it. so I sat around most of the evening looking on facebook, playing computer games and watchingHGTV shows. Life goes on.
Today was better this morning I managed to make my bed, do dishes, and make dinner, couldn't do anymor emy hips started hurting. This evening about 7pm my tingling is back right now my legs are tingling pretty bad, both my feet are numb and very cold. I again just watch tv, found a lifetime movie that was good, i search around facebook that's about it. I just didn't have th edesire this evening to do anything and I never do when my feet and legs feel this bad So I have very boring days, where all I want to do is lay in the bed. I force myslef to stay up then I get overly tired. But again I am surviving. My beautiful grand daughter keeps me going she comes out of her room and tells me something she thought was really good ona  movie she is watching. She come sout and says I love you and just want to give you a hug. That is awesome for me. She brightens my day everyday.
I just can't wait until spring time I am hoping by then I will have the right treatment and medicine to be able to goout and plant flowers and refurbish some furniture.
For now I sit in my chair in the living room being very bored  watching tv and dreaming about how I am going to spruce up my yard.
The bathroom is 3/4 painted I will post a after picture when it is all done. My daughter has to get onthe step ladder and do the rest for me.
more ot come.

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