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Monday, March 12, 2012


Well had my second day of physical therapy today, my first one on friday last week just him seeign what i could do and the therapist doing lots of paperwork to make up my plan. It hurt so bad today doing. You really take noticve of the things you can't do, Just lifting my leg laying on my side was very hard and a couple times I needed the therapist help to do it. It is very disapointing. One day I can walk no problems hold down a full times job, sometimes two, to hurting some walkiign with a limp, to having difficulty climbing stairs, and now to not  climbing stairs, have to walk with a cane, use the riding carts if I go shopping, and can not bend very well.
I sdaid in a earlier post the new pain Dr I went to said he thinks I have RSD a chronic pain disorder. I am wondering if he is right. In the past week I have achyness in both my arms and thighs, very bad tingling in my lower legs and feet it is so bad I wait until I just can't stay awake any longer to go to bed. Last nightit was 1:15am. The tingling and the pain in my hips woke me at 4am that is just under 3 hours of sleep, which is not enough. I had a couple errands to run and therapy I just need more sleep. I Took a pain pill before I went but didn't help my pain very much.
I am now making a appointment with a neurologist hopefully I can just get on a pain patch that helps 24 hours so I can at least get through the day without the pain being so bad that I just sit in my chair and don't so anything because I can't.
If this is the way RSD makes a person I can see where people say it really changes their lives, for the bad. I will eventually learn to live wiht it becase I have no choice but my life sure has changed inthe last 6 months. i am a active person in the sence of working 2 jobs, and doing things with my grand daughter and too not be able to do much is really annoying to me, But I will ge thtrough it just will take some time.
I have been reading blogs of other with this diease and most have a postitive attiude I will too. Hopefully the Neurologist will confirm this diagnosis so I can start being treated.
I also want to mention that I follow money saving mom on facebook with me on disability from work(60% of normal pay) I need all the savings I can get, she has a book out you can buy on amazon also she is giving the book away to a luck winner go on over to money saiving mom and ente rthe contest.
more to come

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