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Thursday, March 22, 2012

10,000 Men Supporting VAWA

Every 12 seconds in the United States, a man abuses the woman he has promised to love. Every two minutes in the U.S., a man rapes a woman–usually a woman he knows.
But most men don’t rape; most of us don’t abuse. Yet we remain silent and consider these issues “women’s issues.”  As White Ribbon Campaign co-founder Michael Kaufman has said, “We stay home in droves on this issue.”
It’s long past time  most men actually support VAWA and its goals–which are to improve law enforcement and community support against domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. With VAWA reauthorization in jeopardy, it’s time for us to make that support public. Of course everyone should support VAWA, but h. One in three women will be victims of domestic abuse or sexual violence in their lifetime, with men as the primary perpetrators. Most men are close to at least three women, so statistically one of those women will be victimized by violence–and it’s our job to speak out against that violence. It’s our job to hold other men accountable for their violence and work towards a culture of peace and respect.ere are particular re
The Violence Against Women Act was originally introduced in Congress by a man–the same man who is now our vice president. Since then, it’s been implemented, enhanced and reauthorized by smart women and men. I urge all people to support their work and help create a future free from violence.
asons men should for that to change.
These are a few facts on domestic violence I found they are very interesting facts-it is very sad that some men think they can emotional mentally financially and physically control a woman--I am not sure if it is because they need to be in control or just get their kicks out of abusing a woman but it happens. I am sure there are men out there who get abused by their women too-I just think it isn't reported as much I think because it would be embarrassing for the man. Maybe he would feel like less of a man. I don't know the statistics though I hope that every man or woman who suffering any kind of abuse weather you are a teenagers at the hand of your boyfriend/girlfriend , a newly married person,  a couple who have been together for years, a couple living together will get the courage to leave. You can do it living on your own isn't so bad.
I am living with my grown daughter and grand daughter I take care of them and myself. I do not need a man around to feel better about myself. I do not need a man anymore to tell me that my opinion isn't worthy, that I have to be home at a certain time and why was I 30 mins late from a outing with my mother. I do not need a man to take my money (which I never had alot of , just paychecks from working for bills) to buy booze or spend on another "girl". I am lonley sometimes, I don't go out, but... I am much happier in the fact that I don't have to walk on eggshells everyday. It is a much better life.
more to come

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