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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good sunday morning to all
I had a good saturday I had my new light fixture hung in the bathroom it had to be hung higher than the old one so I had to paint I finally finished that yesterday--The maintence man put in a new kitchen faucet for me( paid for by the people I rent from) looks so much better than the old one. Now I just need someone to hang the ceiling fan.
I sold a pair of girl's pants on ebay yesterday and have a watcher on 3 more itmes I am hoping they sell too, I have so many things I need to get out of the house that is cluttering it up.
I played euchre at a friend's house last night had a really good time, but then my leg was hurting when I got home so was up until 2:45am getting used to that. This morning my legs and feet are tingling, and half numb, my fingers are swollen, I forgot to take my rings off last night they were vry hard to pry off this morning. I have to make a appointment with a Neurologist this week see if he can figure out weather I have RSD or not. Or soemhting else. Either way will be nice to have a diagnosis so I can get the proper treatment.
Physical therapy is helping a little but if I do too muich I have such bad pain that I can hardley walk, or do anything. I was hoping to have had more progress by now. I have had 5 visits now. We will see I have 3 more sessions this week, see what happenes after those.
well here is a picture of the finished hung light fixture and the painting I did.
 Here is a picture of a great ebay find I hung in the bathroom--thought it looked really good with the lighthouse theme.

hope you enjoyed reading this
more to come

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