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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A strangers Kindness

my mother went shopping at wal mart today half way home she discovered she didn't have her purse. She remembered having it in the shopping cart. She  went back to the store of course the purse was gone from the cart, she figured someone saw it and took it.  She started thinking wow all the credit cards, debit card, atm card she had to cancel, what a mess.\She back inside wal mart and asked the lady who was greeting if anyone turned in a purse in the last half hour, the lady said yes a gentlemen brought in inside turned it in said it was in a cart.
She went to the service desk told themher name and they gave her the purse, she was so relieved. when she got into her car she looked inside and everythign was there nothing had been touched.
This just goes to show there are kind people out there.
thank you stranger's 4:27am I went to bed at 1:30am and got up a 4am my hip and legs are hurting so bad I am not sure what to do. i just couldn't lay any longer. Life is really hard when you are in pain and can't do the things you used to. Don't get me wrong I wasn't what I call a active person, but I could go to the park, shopping, the fair, the zoo, etc. no problem, but now I would have to be pushed in a wheelchair. No way I could just walk around. I love walking while my grand daughter rides her motorcycle, can't do that now. I even find it hard to do housework. I do laundry but I can't brign the baseket of clothes up and down the stairs so I have to rely on someone else to do it, if  I go shopping which is very rare, or go to the dr I have to have someone drive so I don't have to walk from the parking lot to the building, and most times I have to ride a electric cart to shop. Things could always be worse, I could have a life threating illness which thank the good LOrd I don't, But it hard to readjust life to sitting around in my chair most of the day and having others do things for me.
The Dr. is going to losen my bursa in my hip on January 18th he says may lesson or totally take my hip pain, which I am very happy about but...both my legs tingle, ache,and go numb, which is alot of the reason I don't sleep. So I sure hope after the Bursa thst he is going to take care of those problems.  
The worst part is my inusrance from work I get paid 60% of my normal pay,  which isn't  much I live paycheck to paycheck, But I am so thankful I signed up for this benefit. I sometimes go 2 or 3 weeks without a check, which I do not think is right. I call them when I have Dr appt's and tell them I am off until a certain time but my next app't may be sooner than that, and they only put me off through my next app't then need dr notes from that appt to continue paying me, and Dr's don't have notes and etc done that very day to send them so I have to go wihtout a paycheck which put my bills behind. For example I am having surgery on January 18th, 2012 the Dr put me off until February 18th, 2012 that is how much time I need after surgery to mend, well my insurance only have me off until 18th, If i stay to stay a night or 2 int he hospital I can't call them or fax them anything because I won't be able to, the Dr certianly wont have operative notes that day so I am screwed I will be going without a paycheck again for probabley 2 weeks and it just isn't fair.
I also do not understand the welfare system, I can not work right now so I applied for mediciaid, food stamps, and cash, I had to fill out all this paperwork , a letter from my Dr stating I was in physical therapy, and my problem and that I couldn't work wasn't good enough for them. Then after they receive my filled out paperwork they have a meeting to determine if I am diabled in their standards. Well they ended up approving me. Althoguh I only make 896.00 from work disability they only apprived me for food stamps,( a whole 92.00) no cash no mediciaid. How can they deem me disabled and not give me mediicaid? I do notunderstand how people get mediciaid, and hundreds of dollars in food stamps and hundreds of dollars in cash. I know people that don't deserve it, and work under the table and still get it, and people like me really struggling and need it can't get it. The system is very screwed up in my opinion.
well I am going to close more to come

Thursday, December 15, 2011

new family member

Well I did end up getting a new member of the family a dog named Sonny he is 18 months old bassitt hound/beagle mix white and brown he is apprx 50 pounds he is really bigger than the picture I saw and was at first a little reluctant to get him becase my house is small, but he is so darn cute! I bought him a plush ball today he had a great time with my grand daughter playing fetch in the back yard. He loves to run, but he sniffs and sniffs and often takes breaks to sniff everything. He mostly just lays on my grand daughters bed as I got him from the humane society and from 530pm to 830am he was ina cage not very big, and all he had to do was lay.
Left him alone for about a hour and a half today he had goten into my grand duaghter's sidewalk chalk couldn't have tasted very good, it was all over th ekitcvhen floor and he likes to carry her dolls from one room to another gonna have to break him of that hopefully the chew toy I bought him will curve him of that.
When the weather is nicer he will be great to take on walks and to the park he is great on a leash.
he really likes Makayla follows her aorund the house, licks her face. Seems like a good dog so far. I havenot heard him bark yet he has been here 2 days. He isn't a watch dog but he will be a great companion for all of us.
more to come thanks for reading!

Monday, December 12, 2011

life in general

I sold a few more small things on ebay but I think when these things are done that I have listed now I will take a break Christams comming up and I went to the orthopedic dr today I have to have surgery on my hip--January 18th 2012 He is going to loosen the bursa in my hip if I have any muscle tears he will repair those at the same time. I will have to wear a brace for 8 weeks but hopefully this will be the end of  it he says it's the end of the road if this doesn't help there is really nothing else he can do for me.
I am thinkign about getting a dog I am thinking my grand daughter would really like a dog I found one I like a beagle mix he is very sweet(sonny). I was looking for a smaller dog which I also saw but when I got to looking at him all I could see is him falling and breakign a leg they were so tiny. Then all I could see was big vet bills. I hsve the yard for a dog and my grand daughter needs to get outside more I thought this would be a good way to do it. I will decide in the next couple days.
I got rid of my full size bed I never sleep in it anyways, I am going to get a twin bed but a bin of toys and my grand daughter princess tent that way she will have another space to play in but I can also go there to get away by myself. Sometimes between my 24 year old daughter acting like a 10 year old and my 5 year old grand duaghter acting like a 12 year old they someitmes get along like sisters instead of mother and daughter and it sometimes drives me crazy! So a place to hid away and cross stitch or watch a movie is ideal.
In march I am redoing my kitchen not doign alot since I live in a rental but i want a little color right now its just white walls with some red accent pieces and I am very tired of the red. On ebay I found some orange yellow and white shelf paper I bought I am using for the built in shelves, my mother and I are going shopping soon for yellow orange and black fabric for new chair pads and valances. I found orange yellow and white dinner plates and bowls really inexpensive.
After the kitchen and bedroom are done I am going to have a yard sale get rid of many things I do not need. My house is very small and it just creates big clutter which I hate.
well signign off more to come

Sunday, December 4, 2011

great ebay items bought and sold

I have doen pretty good on ebay the last couple of months I sold a few pieces of my grand daughters clothes, a mickey back pack(1.99), a mickey club house, some avon products, girls snow boots(3.99), 3 kids books(2.25), a purse(5.99), i made around 250.00 i bought myself a purse, a barbie, a squeaky house, a plush diego, boots, and swiper, dora and boots figurines, a coat for my daughter and her boyfriend, 4 pair of new socks,  2 pair of gloves, new sand box toys, squeakies and some other things. Got over 3.4 of my Christmas shopping done. I am so happy because I would never have had the money otherwise.
My mickey mouse clubhouse sold for 42.00 with 10.99 shipping had no accessories and missing a part. I was so happy about that.
I now have soem handmade scarves, a kids salon head, some books, some clothes and some other things on there with a watcher on a xbox game.
It gets rid of things I no longer need and I make a little money too.
Going to do alot of yard sales this spring and summer and sell on ebay this make be a way to make a little extra money I am hoping it keeps up.
Dont charge a whole lot but don't want to lose on shipping which I have done a couple times, and want to make a little profit. I get free boxes for shipping, and the dollar store has tape and 2/1.00 bubble envelopes, dont want to spend alot of supplies of you dont have to.
more to come