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Thursday, December 15, 2011

new family member

Well I did end up getting a new member of the family a dog named Sonny he is 18 months old bassitt hound/beagle mix white and brown he is apprx 50 pounds he is really bigger than the picture I saw and was at first a little reluctant to get him becase my house is small, but he is so darn cute! I bought him a plush ball today he had a great time with my grand daughter playing fetch in the back yard. He loves to run, but he sniffs and sniffs and often takes breaks to sniff everything. He mostly just lays on my grand daughters bed as I got him from the humane society and from 530pm to 830am he was ina cage not very big, and all he had to do was lay.
Left him alone for about a hour and a half today he had goten into my grand duaghter's sidewalk chalk couldn't have tasted very good, it was all over th ekitcvhen floor and he likes to carry her dolls from one room to another gonna have to break him of that hopefully the chew toy I bought him will curve him of that.
When the weather is nicer he will be great to take on walks and to the park he is great on a leash.
he really likes Makayla follows her aorund the house, licks her face. Seems like a good dog so far. I havenot heard him bark yet he has been here 2 days. He isn't a watch dog but he will be a great companion for all of us.
more to come thanks for reading!

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