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Monday, December 12, 2011

life in general

I sold a few more small things on ebay but I think when these things are done that I have listed now I will take a break Christams comming up and I went to the orthopedic dr today I have to have surgery on my hip--January 18th 2012 He is going to loosen the bursa in my hip if I have any muscle tears he will repair those at the same time. I will have to wear a brace for 8 weeks but hopefully this will be the end of  it he says it's the end of the road if this doesn't help there is really nothing else he can do for me.
I am thinkign about getting a dog I am thinking my grand daughter would really like a dog I found one I like a beagle mix he is very sweet(sonny). I was looking for a smaller dog which I also saw but when I got to looking at him all I could see is him falling and breakign a leg they were so tiny. Then all I could see was big vet bills. I hsve the yard for a dog and my grand daughter needs to get outside more I thought this would be a good way to do it. I will decide in the next couple days.
I got rid of my full size bed I never sleep in it anyways, I am going to get a twin bed but a bin of toys and my grand daughter princess tent that way she will have another space to play in but I can also go there to get away by myself. Sometimes between my 24 year old daughter acting like a 10 year old and my 5 year old grand duaghter acting like a 12 year old they someitmes get along like sisters instead of mother and daughter and it sometimes drives me crazy! So a place to hid away and cross stitch or watch a movie is ideal.
In march I am redoing my kitchen not doign alot since I live in a rental but i want a little color right now its just white walls with some red accent pieces and I am very tired of the red. On ebay I found some orange yellow and white shelf paper I bought I am using for the built in shelves, my mother and I are going shopping soon for yellow orange and black fabric for new chair pads and valances. I found orange yellow and white dinner plates and bowls really inexpensive.
After the kitchen and bedroom are done I am going to have a yard sale get rid of many things I do not need. My house is very small and it just creates big clutter which I hate.
well signign off more to come

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