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Sunday, December 4, 2011

great ebay items bought and sold

I have doen pretty good on ebay the last couple of months I sold a few pieces of my grand daughters clothes, a mickey back pack(1.99), a mickey club house, some avon products, girls snow boots(3.99), 3 kids books(2.25), a purse(5.99), i made around 250.00 i bought myself a purse, a barbie, a squeaky house, a plush diego, boots, and swiper, dora and boots figurines, a coat for my daughter and her boyfriend, 4 pair of new socks,  2 pair of gloves, new sand box toys, squeakies and some other things. Got over 3.4 of my Christmas shopping done. I am so happy because I would never have had the money otherwise.
My mickey mouse clubhouse sold for 42.00 with 10.99 shipping had no accessories and missing a part. I was so happy about that.
I now have soem handmade scarves, a kids salon head, some books, some clothes and some other things on there with a watcher on a xbox game.
It gets rid of things I no longer need and I make a little money too.
Going to do alot of yard sales this spring and summer and sell on ebay this make be a way to make a little extra money I am hoping it keeps up.
Dont charge a whole lot but don't want to lose on shipping which I have done a couple times, and want to make a little profit. I get free boxes for shipping, and the dollar store has tape and 2/1.00 bubble envelopes, dont want to spend alot of supplies of you dont have to.
more to come

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