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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A strangers Kindness

my mother went shopping at wal mart today half way home she discovered she didn't have her purse. She remembered having it in the shopping cart. She  went back to the store of course the purse was gone from the cart, she figured someone saw it and took it.  She started thinking wow all the credit cards, debit card, atm card she had to cancel, what a mess.\She back inside wal mart and asked the lady who was greeting if anyone turned in a purse in the last half hour, the lady said yes a gentlemen brought in inside turned it in said it was in a cart.
She went to the service desk told themher name and they gave her the purse, she was so relieved. when she got into her car she looked inside and everythign was there nothing had been touched.
This just goes to show there are kind people out there.
thank you stranger

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