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Wednesday, December 21, 2011's 4:27am I went to bed at 1:30am and got up a 4am my hip and legs are hurting so bad I am not sure what to do. i just couldn't lay any longer. Life is really hard when you are in pain and can't do the things you used to. Don't get me wrong I wasn't what I call a active person, but I could go to the park, shopping, the fair, the zoo, etc. no problem, but now I would have to be pushed in a wheelchair. No way I could just walk around. I love walking while my grand daughter rides her motorcycle, can't do that now. I even find it hard to do housework. I do laundry but I can't brign the baseket of clothes up and down the stairs so I have to rely on someone else to do it, if  I go shopping which is very rare, or go to the dr I have to have someone drive so I don't have to walk from the parking lot to the building, and most times I have to ride a electric cart to shop. Things could always be worse, I could have a life threating illness which thank the good LOrd I don't, But it hard to readjust life to sitting around in my chair most of the day and having others do things for me.
The Dr. is going to losen my bursa in my hip on January 18th he says may lesson or totally take my hip pain, which I am very happy about but...both my legs tingle, ache,and go numb, which is alot of the reason I don't sleep. So I sure hope after the Bursa thst he is going to take care of those problems.  
The worst part is my inusrance from work I get paid 60% of my normal pay,  which isn't  much I live paycheck to paycheck, But I am so thankful I signed up for this benefit. I sometimes go 2 or 3 weeks without a check, which I do not think is right. I call them when I have Dr appt's and tell them I am off until a certain time but my next app't may be sooner than that, and they only put me off through my next app't then need dr notes from that appt to continue paying me, and Dr's don't have notes and etc done that very day to send them so I have to go wihtout a paycheck which put my bills behind. For example I am having surgery on January 18th, 2012 the Dr put me off until February 18th, 2012 that is how much time I need after surgery to mend, well my insurance only have me off until 18th, If i stay to stay a night or 2 int he hospital I can't call them or fax them anything because I won't be able to, the Dr certianly wont have operative notes that day so I am screwed I will be going without a paycheck again for probabley 2 weeks and it just isn't fair.
I also do not understand the welfare system, I can not work right now so I applied for mediciaid, food stamps, and cash, I had to fill out all this paperwork , a letter from my Dr stating I was in physical therapy, and my problem and that I couldn't work wasn't good enough for them. Then after they receive my filled out paperwork they have a meeting to determine if I am diabled in their standards. Well they ended up approving me. Althoguh I only make 896.00 from work disability they only apprived me for food stamps,( a whole 92.00) no cash no mediciaid. How can they deem me disabled and not give me mediicaid? I do notunderstand how people get mediciaid, and hundreds of dollars in food stamps and hundreds of dollars in cash. I know people that don't deserve it, and work under the table and still get it, and people like me really struggling and need it can't get it. The system is very screwed up in my opinion.
well I am going to close more to come

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