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Friday, December 27, 2013

Cristmas 2013

We had a great Christmas, I had my mother, step dad, sdon, daughter, and grand daughter here at  the house. We had bagels from Paneras with 2 different cream cheeses  and a fruit plate I mae with pineapple, musmelon, honey dew melon, and strawberries. 

We visited while eating then the present opening began. I got some awesome gifts, I got a bible I really wanted from my Mom I had a small one I wanted one that explained things and had big print , which is what I got, It has a beautiful decorative leather cover Thanks mom My daughter got me a awesome old wooden cart with black iron legs she worked hard for it. I just love it I can't wait until Spring to but flowers in it and put it in the yard. I got other gifts too but those 2 stand out to me. 

I t is only 2 days after after Christmas and I took the snowmen sugar, creamer, salt and pepper shakers down some Christmas flowers, the stockings and the holders, and the little snow and snow around my village down. I usually like the stuff up longer than this but with my house being so small it is very cluttered with all the decorations up. Tomorrow I will take down the little fruit tree and light up house on my kitchen table and my village on the fireplace mantle. I will leave the tree up until after New Year's and take down the outside decor when we get a temperature not in the teens with no wind.  
I realized when my 2 children were opening gifts I got them way more than I thought but itwas fun watching them open things, and the look on my grand daughter's face when she came out and saw all the Monster High stuff Santa brought her was priceless. 

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas got some great gifts as I did.

 I hope everyone's  new Year is awesome!!