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Sunday, March 6, 2011

just sunday 3/6/2011

not much going on this sunday-i made the beds ate breakfast(toaster strudels) watched some cash & cari on the computer, went to craft 2000(local craft store) and got a bulletin board Iam going to decorate and hang up for notes-had to pick up my son from a friend's house, took him to the dollar store then had to go back to the friends house for something he had forgotten. since then been home watching the race and working on a  cross stitch.  My grand daughter is out to a birthday party with her mother, I hope she is behaving! 
You know I talk to some people and they think life is rough, I wish they were in my shoes for 4 days. I have to worry about how my bills are getting paid, worry about my hours being reduced again at work, if my grand daughter is sick how i will got to work,how  I will I buy food, how will I put gas in my car. just to name a few. They have to worry about what they are having for dinner, and where are they going this year on vacation. It has been a long time since I had a vacation, they just have NO idea. But I  have to live each day raising my grand daughter the best I can. I really don't have alot of complaints I have a nice house with a big yard, I have a beautiful grand duaghter, I have a newer car, I am grateful for the part time job I have not alot of people can find a job. I do wish that I had a second hand store of my own(my drean), and I do wish I had more money to get the things I want but overall we don't go without much.
well time to make dinner
have a good day


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