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Monday, March 28, 2011 a gramma

I folow one of my fellow bloggers the name of her blog is Manny hats mommy which is a awesome title I have found that I am a many hats grandma--which at my age never thought I would be raising a little one...I am not as old as a typical gramma I don't think most are in their 50's and 60's I am in my 40"s. but I find myself a full time caregiver-I don't like to use mommy because she has a mommy..but mommy type I am her chauffeur, her bather, her friend, her cook, her house cleaner, any anything I need to be. which I really love but with working 30 hours a week, taking and picking her up from daycare, paying bills, grocery shopping I am exhausted. to top it off she doesn't ever go to bed before 10pm most nights at 11pm so I have no ME time, anyone have any ideas about that?? but Iam learning to be a kinder person to have more patience..which I never had before and I am doing more things with her which I regret not doing more with my own children becase I was always so busy working 2 jobs. I need to be more frugal not buy so much, balance what little money I have better-I have a roof over our heads, I never lack food or clothing but I could do better, Iam also learnig there are alot of freebie things to do out there. I never looked before now I find if I spend more time looking for freebies they are things that we really enjoy i april we are going to a popcorn tour and a kids day at the Monroe Mall . so I am in a learning process too like so many other new moms. cept I am a gramma

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