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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Busy Busy

Happy Sunday to All! Again I haven't been on here in a long time I have been very busy. I did get the fireplace I have been wanting it wasn't the one I saw in the ad it is better it looks like real stone has a dark wood mantle. I just purchased a mantle scarf for it cream color with fringe hanging down all around the edges I can't wait to get it.
I also bought a different grey for my kitchen cabinets, the color I painted them had a bluish tint I did not like this is light grey I got them all painted a coat they look awesome.
I purchased a desk and 2 matching nightstands from my local Habitat Restore they are white with gold trim I love them I only had room for one nightstand in my bedroom it is very small so I gave the other one to my daughter for her room. I haven't been able to use them yet my room is in bad disarray things all over I haven't had time to do anything in there yet.
I painted a vintage chair I found at a sale it was a not so nice yellow I painted it white now to just find some fabric for the seat it will look awesome with the vintage desk.
I also went to the pain Dr I have been having a lot of back pain which is new, my legs hips and feet have been hurting more. She raised the milligrams on my Neurotin  gave me a muscle relaxer, and started me on Cymbalta I have been feeling a little better but I think with all the painting I have been doing is making me hurt worse but it has to be done. Takes me a long time I have to do it in sessions but it is getting done.
As soon as I get my room straightened around I will paint my vintage dresser I found it is in my room still with Spackle all over the drawers waiting to be sanded, then I will start on the magazine rack I bought it will be painted grey and distressed and waxed I purchased my first bag of Webster's chalk paint powder to add to the paint and their wax then I will put it up for sale have a potato bin and a table to do after that will take some time but hoping they look awesome when done.
well here are pictures of the kitchen cabinets I painted and the fireplace I got I hope you like them.

God Bless!

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