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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

good bye to bad rubbish

Well as you all know I was letting my ex husband the one who abused me come and see my grand daughter on occasion becuase she loves him and him her he had always treated her like a princess and myself or my daughter was always around when they were together. well he had been ignoring her she has called him several times left voixe messages for him my daughter and I have contacted him on facebook and through yahoo messenger to let him know she really wanted to talk to him, loved and missed him very much but he never respinded to any of them, my grand daughter and him were talkign on the phone every nght then he just stopped for some reason no explanation. well he didn't pay his phone bill this month his phone is on my account and he has aleays paid it since I didn't get paid I suspended his phone. I figure why should he be able to have to have a free phone? He always had a free ride while we married he didn't deserve one now.
He finally messaged me on messenger he was upset I suspended it, didn't talk very nice to me I kept asking him why he was ignoring his grand duaghter(step no blood relation) why he was making her upset and cry when he wouldn't answer the phone when she called(for 3 weeks before I turned the phone off) he refused to answer and still hasn't to this day.
So today I called my phone carrier and had his phone taken off my account for good I hate that I have to pay a early callelation fee but it is well worth it.
My grand daughter is only 6 and she gets upsets thinking about the grandpa she loves very much and can bnot understand his actions, But hse is beggining to understand sadly what kind of person he really is, and doesn't love her like he used to. I hate it that it has to happen, and I hate it that I didn't just say no when he asked to see her when we were no longer together she was only 4 and would have had a better and shorter time to forget him so it is all my fault.
I did her a injustice now it will take her a little longer to forget him but I know eventually she will and it will be for the best.
I realize I am so much better without him I seem to have more money, I seem to be happier except for my chronic pain that keeps me from doing most of the things I love. I don't have to answer to anyone except myself and it feels good.
I just needed to make today the day I break all ties with him for myself and my grand daughter and the phone was the last thing.
He is having a good time in Florida with his blood grand children and son where it is warm I am so hoping he stays there for good that way there will be 1800 miles seperating us and that is the best.
I dont have to worry about trouble then.
He has brainwashed his parents, children brothers, neices, nephews his entire fanily against me but if he would just tell them the things he did to me and my children over the 10 years we were togetherr they would feel a lot different, but he doesn't want them to know so he can be the good guy who suffered. Oh well it used to bother me but it doesn't anymore. I loved him even after we seperated but now there just isn't anything there and I am so happy now with my life it feels good to be where I am.

More to come
God Bless!

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