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Saturday, March 9, 2013

He is called you know who

This is going to be a short post it is 12:58am my eyes are tired but my body is wide awake, Something that happens especially in the evenings and at night. My feet feel like someone is pricking them with a needle drives me nuts! my legs tingle and it gets worse when I lay, So I thoguth I would post.
I told you before about my ex in the previous post how he has been hurting my 6 year old grand daughter. The last month hasn't been pretty with her outburst over him ignoring her and her feeling like he diesn't love her anymore. I have asked him over and over how he could continue t hurt a 6 year old that he has always considered his grand daughter but he won't ansdwer the question, So I have just decided se doesn't need any contact with him at all and she will begin to realize what kind of person he really is. I shut his phone off and took it off my acount totally, and we haven't talked on the computer in awhile and it feels pretty good to sever all ties. I thougtht I would be upset but I'm not. what does that say?
This week my grand daughter twice in conversation referred to her grandpa as you know who, inside I was like wow I can't believe she referred to her grandpa as you know who. I was also thinking I love it maybee she is forgetting about him already it took less time than I thought. She told me whenever he comes up in conversation that is what he will be called you know who.
I think it's for the best someone who doesn't care about the feeling of a 6 year old he supposedly loves doesn't deserve to be around her.
You know who will regret it one day he has already missed her last 2 birthdays the last 3 Christmases, all the holidays, and not had one regret that he did. So when the years pass with no contact with her he will think back and hopefully realize that all her birthdays, christmases, school actiivites and dances, first boyfrind, birthdays have gone by and he didn't get to enjoy any of them.
I am not sure tht will happen he may just forget about her, which is nothing different from what he has been doing.
I am hoping he doesn't forget about her because it will hurt him more loving her and not be able to be with her and talk to her looking at the  pictures of her he has, all under 5 years old and wonder what she looks likes as a teenager and adult and what she has been doing.
I know that is terrible to think that way but after all the hurt he put me through I just soemtimes don't have it in me to be nice to him. I want im to hurt like he hurt me.
My grand daughter will not suffer she has only been with him maybe 10 times in the last 3 years and I think she is young enough to just forget about him and live a happy life without you know who.
I just don't want her to hurt anymore it isn't fair to her, and if I continue to let her see him and talk to him on the phone her feelings will just start all ovver again, and then she will get hurt again, and again.
Well there it is from now on he will be you know who.

Good night all God Bless!!!!!

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