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Friday, April 5, 2013


It is now 2:35am and I am just now getting a little tired, I have been sick for 2 days, I went to the Dr. today I got antibiotics and sinus medication I am hoping I feel better soon, I went to the pain Dr. yesterday she started me on a new medication for my back it has been hurting very badly, Sometimes I can hardly walk it is so bad.
My son bought a coffee table at our local Habitat store it needed a little cosmetic work so I sanded the top down, stained it, and put polyurethane over it, It turned out awesome.
I have a magazine rack that I painted grey I am hoping today to get it distressed and waxed then I can put it up for sale. 
I may have a yard sale again this year, I am hoping to have it somewhere besides my house I live on a street that not  a lot of people come down, I need somewhere that is on a busy street, I have quite a lot to put on the sale, I need to get rid of some things to make room for furniture that I want to paint for selling. The only place I have is in the basement for storing. I also have a table it is very nice and sturdy I want to get that painted, distressed, and waxed for selling too but with my hip leg and back pain it takes me awhile to get them done. In the meantime I am cross stitching a Christmas tablecloth for selling on my esty  store.

Everyone have a great day!

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