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Monday, April 22, 2013

A new Beginning

It looks as though my life is looking up a little, I rent my home and when I need something fixed I call the real estate company and they send their maintenance man over, well the one we always have was busy with another project and I was asked if another one could come I said sure. Well he came over took him all of 10 minutes to fix the problem, then I asked him about a crack in the foundation the exact spot where we get water in the basement, I told him my name and he said he thought he recognized me, turns out we lived across the street from one another from about 5years of age till 11 when his family moved.
We stood talking for about a half hour he is very nice, as he was leaving he said we should get together and talk about old times I said that would be great. I wasn't sure if I would actually hear from him again, but the next day he called me we talked for a few minutes and then he mentioned going to the movies on sat(this was Thursday) I said sure just let me know what time.
He called me on fri and sat too we ended going to a late movie Saturday night. I haven't been to the movies in about 10 years, was real nice to get out.
We have talked everyday on the phone usually twice and sometimes three times per day, We went to Pizza Hut this last Saturday for supper, we ate and talked it was really nice.
I haven't been out with a guy in 2 years since I left my husband.
I think I like him he is very sweet and kind. I am hoping he likes me too, I think he does a little.
We will see where things lead we haven't known each other that long but I am keeping my fingers crossed.
The new medicine the pain Dr. gave me seems to be working a little. My back feels better most days 
I fell a week ago right on my behind, tripped over a rug. My back has been hurting more since, but I am sure it will feel better soon.
Sorry it has been so long since the last blog.
Have a great day
God Bless!

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