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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello Everyone Happy Sunday to you all!
I don't have a lot to write about today but wanted to make a apperance, I got the painting all done on the kitchen cabinets, I got my bedroom all cleaned up and the awesome vintage desk and endtable in there they look awesome. I finally got my printer hooked up and put on the desk it it so nice to be able to print out coloring pages for my grand daughter and coupons.
I am looking for a small farmhouse table I have been looking in the classifids and on craigslist with no luck. I am hoping that my step dad's son in law can make one for me I just hate the table I have in there now not nice looking. I would like reclaimed wood on the top and I will paint hte table legs white I only have room in my small kitchen for 3 chairs but I will paint them white but I would like to be mismatched.
I did a awesome score at my local Habitat restore 2 beaultiful in almost new condiiton wicker rocking chairs for my front porch now I just need a small wicker table to put in between them I am planning on staining my front porch this spring so they will look awesome.
I haven't talked to my ex in a month he was coming down to see my grand daughter every now and then but decided to go to Florida for some reason he didn't say he was going although he doesn't answer to me. At first my grand daughter was upset because she wanted him to come to see her but then they were talking on the phone almost every night and she was content with that although she still wanted to see him. Then he just stopped talking to her, didn't answer her voice messages, nothing. she would get so upset and run into her room and cry and say grandpa must not love me anymore he diesn't come see me he doesn't talk to me anymore. He has continued to hurt her for 3 weeks I feel so bad for her.
I have left him voice messages, text messenger messages, messages on facebook he just doesn't answer any of them I just wanted to know what was going on thathe is hurting her so much.
He didn't pay his phone bill(he is still on my account) so I tunred his phone off, I weill probabley just take it off my account entirtely. His son texted me asking me if I turned it off and I said yes he said he is at my house and has been for 4 weeks babysitting my kids and I need to get a hold him long story shirt I now know he went to Florida to see his son. He could have just said that.
He rtexted me on messenger and told me I was full of s*** about everything and although I have asked him several times why he is hurting his granddaughter he refuses to answer I do not know why I should have cut off all contact between the 2 of them when I left him in 2010 but she was so heartbroken not seeing him that I let him come down and she was just in her glory. Now though it is so hard for her since she is almost 7 years old hard for her to understand why he doesnt see her or talk to her anymore but Ithink she is getting some idea of the kind of person she really is and that makes it worse on her.
I am hopign it doesn't take her long to forget him now.  have taken all pictures of hima nd his family off the walls, I took all the pictures of him and her out of my scrapbook, my daughter and I try not to mention his name anymore, when she asked to call him we make up some kind of excuse because it just makes her so upset when he doesn't answer. I have thrown away all the things he has gotten her to try and not have any reminders. Once in awhile she finds something in her room that I missed and she starts crying but i will say it is getting easier for you.
I guess when a man is a drunk, abuser, lier, and cherater it is hard for him to be a human even to a 6 year old. sad but so true.
I have been on a domestic violence website and there are so many women who being abused I can't figure out where it goes wrong in men why do they feel the need to abusee and lie cheat and steal and be drunk all the time I just don't get it they must get their jollys out of it for some reason. Very sad.
I am hoping this stops being a epidenicc and more men can treat women like they should be treated.
It hurts a entire family when a man is abusive to his wife/partner.
Be careful all and seek help if you need it don't stay just because you feel you need to because he has threatened you if you leave or because you don't work get out before it is too late.

God Bless all! have a great week!

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