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Monday, January 7, 2013


Hello everyone Seems like I haven't been on here in awhile I have been busy since I took my Christmas decorations down which I did earlier this year than I usually do, but I really wanted a electric fireplace, more for the decoration aspect of it than for heat. I found one I really liked on sale so I needed to have the room for it. I have a very small house so I had to get rid of a ottoman I had as a coffee table I put it in the basement where my daughter stays so my grand daughter could use it as storage. It opens up she put all her papers, coloring books, crayons and markers in it saved a lot of space.
I was jealous of all the Christmas mantle decorations I saw on Facebook so I had to have a fireplace with a mantle that I could decorate. The one I saw in a sale ad was not the one I ended up getting. This one is awesome it looks like stone with a dark wood mantle. I have a picture and a winter flower arrangement on it for now, but I will be decorating it more when I find a really cool runner to put on it. I have been looking around but nothing has caught my eye yet.
So I rearranged my living room and with the ottoman out there and the new throw rug I put down the living room looks so much bigger, I love it. I still have a lot of things to do to my little house to make it where I really want it decorating wise. I am not sure if anyone is really ever done decorating their house they always seem to want to change paint colors, or bedding, or pictures etc.
I wish I had the money to really do more but I think I am doing good for my budget. In the next month I will be painting a wall and doing touch up paint, and I am really excited to be trying my hand at furniture painting with chalk paint. I am hoping it goes well.
Well all until next time God Bless!

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