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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

My family and I had a very nice Christmas this year as we do every year. I never have a lot of money for gifts, this was a especially hard one financially as I have been off work on disability since August 2011. I think I did very good though my 2 children, grand daughter, and parents were very happy with their gifts.
My children and I opened our gifts to each other and spent family time on Christmas Eve, Wee woke up early and watched my grand daughter open her gifts from Santa on Christmas morning, then we went to my parents house for a family breakfast, gifts, and the most important spending time with family.
Christmas isn't about the gifts, although it does feel good to me to give to others, it is about spending time with family, the decorations, and most important the birth of our Lord and Savior.
My grand daughter was both surprised and disappointed on Christmas morning. She said she didn't think she was getting anything from Santa as she didn't think she had been very good, so all the presents she was very excited about, and she got a lot. She was also disappointed because she expected her grandpa to be sitting on the couch when she woke up, that is the present she wanted the most. My ex told her beginning of November that he would for sure be there, he told me on December 14th he would be there for sure I told her to expect him she was so excited she did the happy dance. Then the very next day less than 12 hours later he said he couldn't come something to do with his parents. Which is always the reason he breaks promises to her. I knew better than to tell he was coming that something would come up but he sounded so sincere this time so I made the mistake and told her I will never do that again, But it turned out good she got over it quickly and we all had a great 2 days.
I did not do very well with the decorating this year as I hurt very badly and most of my outside decorations are old and do not look very good anymore. I went shopping for Christmas items yesterday the day after Christmas is always a good day to get at least 50% off of holiday decorations so next year my front porch will be awesome. I always have a great looking tree a mix of store bought ornaments and ones my children and grand daughter have made. I love seeing the handmade things and wouldn't trade them for all the fancy ornaments in the world.
Right after the 1st of the year I will be taking the ornaments off the tree and taking the tree down if I had my way I would leave it up all year I just love it but my little house just does not have the room for it to stay up long. I will be a little sad taking it down but it must be done.
Well I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a Happy New year!
God Bless!

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