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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas and RSD

Well the Christmas season is upon us I love the lights and decorations people have out. I have my tree up and a little village on my marble table, I made a quick centerpiece for my kitchen table I out gold ornaments and a small strand of white lights in a clear glass jar surrounded the front in gold ornaments on one side I have white point settias it took me all of 5 minutes to make up. I just wanted some decorations in the kitchen.
I have my Christmas shopping done I usually buy things a little at a time all year long I do a layaway sometime in the summer and again in October I know what my grown children and grand daughter like. Then I wait till the last minute to buy gift cards for the stockings and for my parents because I would hate to lose them. I have 1 gift card left to buy.
I was really lucky this year I signed up for the Salvation Army Toys for Tots I needed a little help this year. We received a small box of food and a voucher to use to get a turkey or a ham. I appreciate it very much. Last Wednesday my grand daughter got chose to go to with our local shop with a cop program I was so excited as was she. She has always been afraid of policemen I think because of her grandpa (my ex) being arrested several times in front of her,  but now she has a better attitude towards them. They met at the police station rode a public transportation bus to Wal Mart got to shop with the police officer assigned to her with a $100.00 and then they had a pizza party I am so grateful to  a lot of sponsors of this program for this. She had a real good time.
I have had a bad week with my RSD I have had 3 flare ups which is the most in a week I have had. It is so painful and no amount of pain medicine, moving around, laying down, or heating pad makes it better.  I have had a lot of stress lately which causes a flare up, I have not been sleeping very well, and the weather here in Michigan is getting colder, all of these things make the RSD worse.
I am hoping my next visit to the pain Dr she gives me more pain meds and ups the MG on my Neurotin. Hopefully these things will at least take the edge off.
This disease is something I will have for the rest of my life there is no cure and it will only get worse. It has traveled to other parts of my body in a very short period of time.
It is very depressing not to be able to take a walk, get on the floor, or do simple things like vacuuming, or laundry. My fingers have been aching more I 3 times this week dropped things a cup of  coffee, pudding and water theses things we not heavy but my hands just couldn't handle them.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!
God bless!

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