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Friday, November 22, 2013

I have been sitting here doing nothing so I thought I would write some since it has been so long. I am not that good of a blogger, I shouldn't wait so long to write.
My Rsd has gotten a little worse the pain in my back and feet is worse sometimes hard for me to walk, but I manage.
My finger swell and I often drop things broke 2 glasses and chipped a plate in the last 2 weeks, I often drop a cup of coffee or a pop bottle, and it is hard for me to open things.
Example a bottle of pop. A friend of mine gave me a automatic can open pens by itself with the push of a button it has really helped.
A lot has gone on  since the last time I wrote. I had to get rid of the dog I had he went after one of my grand daughter's friends and I just couldn't let him bite someone. I went awhile without a dog but being home all day alone I was bored and alone. I went to the dog pound looking at a dog I found on their website but something didn't click with him for me, I saw this small Beagle she was a little hyper but we got along real well I decided to take her I have had her for 2 months now she isn't perfect but who is? sometimes has accidents in the house and I have to cage her when I go out but all in all she is a real nice dog, a great companion for me we get along great.
I have refurbished and painted some furniture in the last 2 months a desk and chair, a vanity, a bookshelf, a little girl's chair and I have sold them all. I just finished a table I painted white and I am now working on a end table with a place for magazines hoping it's a hit as well.
It takes me awhile to sand, paint, distress and polyurethane but they get done. I can not do one a day like a lot of people because of my fingers and hips and also because my house is so Small I have to do them in the living room, not the ideal place but it work's for now.
I have gotten a few decorations out for Christmas I bought a large Santa and Mrs Claus I cant wait to put them out. Getting a table top tree this year since my house is so small really no room for a large tree. Lat year I had to block the front door and not use ti so the tree could go in front of it. So my grand daughter and I talked about it and she is cool with a table top one.
so I am going shopping for a large very full table top tree. No Charlie Brown trees here.
I will post a picture of the decorated tree when it get sup and done. Fir now enjoy a picture of my Beagle Bella.

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