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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hello all I am sorry that I have been away so long, I have been hurting quite a bit, and I have been very busy. I bought a used Ford Explorer I needed a second vehicle  found it on Craigslist, wasn't far from my home I went and looked at it, drove it down the block doesn't ride real smooth but it isn't bad for just diving around my town. It has no dents or scratches, looks real good.

I have painted a small stand just have to do the very bottom of it which I will do tonight, distress it a little put poly on it and it will be read to sell. I love painting furniture I wish I had room to redo big pieces but I just don't.  I have no garage or storage space at all.

I really love my home, With my RSD I do not have a lot of rooms to clean no upstairs to climb, except to go into the basement to do laundry, so it is convenient for me.  I am trying to decorate it nice I have found a few older pieces at the Goodwill store, and  I won a online auction a big fork and a frosting spreader from the 40's for 1.00 each a bargain! I have them hung up in the kitchen when it gets done the way I want I will take pictures and post them. It is nothing compared to the home tours people have on their blogs, they are so beautiful. But..  when you are on a tight budget you buy what you can hear and there.

I have been working a little in yard, planting flowers, putting down a brick boarder, pulling weeds, moving sand stone putting down mulch. A lot of it is me supervising my daughter LOL she has been a great help I can not get down and do the things I want done, so she has been doing it for me. I do a what I can.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Here in Michigan it has been hard to really enjoy the summer, I feel bad for the kids, because it had been raining seems like forever everything is soaked. Hopefully it will stop and things will dry up.

Everyone have a great week I will be preparing for a yard swale this fri and sat I really need to get rid of some things.

I will try not to be such a stranger LOL Enjoy!

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