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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My second day blogging 2/27/2011

well my first blog didn't turn out so well, I didn't have one person look at it, so not sure why I am doing it a second it a second day but who knows I may gey a peeker.
I went and did lots of shopping yesterday got new valances for the kitchen and got them hung hung up curtains in my bedroom, and the bathroom took down the nasty blinds in those rooms down that were here wehn I moved in. now I just gotta find some cool shades for the living room and my grand duahgters room the inside of the house will be complete.
I went to a boutique type place yesterday got a very cool wicker rocker for my back porch for $15.00 now I'm looking around for a wicker table to put next to it. it just needs a little painting and it will be fantastic. I just love wicker outside furniture. I also have a metal glider that I used as a child, I remember sitting out on the proch with my granddad on it all the time, it just needs some paint and it will also be great can't wait to put it out in the back yard.
My daughter is here visiting her daughter, for the reason the visits haven't went very well lately. My grand daughter is mean to her mother in the sence she acts up very badley while she is here. I do not have that problem. That is another thing I need to figue out. I so hope today is a better day. I just want to lay around do some cross stitch and watch NASCAR.
I am hoping the person who has this old much love needed cabinet goes down on his price  by 5 bucks so I can buy it. I want to reburbish it. If so I will post a pic of the finished product.Now I gotta learn to use a electric sander, but I hear it isn't hard. lol  Hoping to do some things and resell them for some extra money since I got my hours lowered at work I need the extra cash. I would rather do some side jobs in my home so I can be home with my grand daughter instead of getting another outside job.
feel free to check out my sites and for some fantastic items.
 well thats the blog for today.
Have a Great day all

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