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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I took my grand daughter and daughter up north to Houghton Lake we had a really good time. My grand daughter had a blast!  she went on a giant water slide, carnival rides, we went on a pontoon boat she swam in the lake, rode on a tube pulled by the boat, we went putt putt golfing, and rode back in the woods looking for deer which we never found, she loved it! I couldn't do much as my hip and leg were hurting very badley I have had a hip problem since I was 10 but it has gotten much worse since I turned 40-The hazords of getting older. I have been to a Dr to get cortisone injections had 2 neither of them worked. I got refered to a pain Dr. he gave me pain meds, did a pain block, and burned the nerve in my lower back going to my right hip. None of those worked, so now i am being referred to a spine surgeon which I go see the 26th 2011. No idea what he will say. Today I have lots of xrays, next week another Mri (had one a month ago) and a total body bone scan. Funny I hardley ever went to the Dr never took medication but now sometimes the pain is so bad I can't move, which doesn't serve me well in taking care of my grand daughter, but we manage. We are hoping to go up north again in late August, as my grown up drand daughter starts kindergarten in September. wow time flies. well thanks for reading! more later.

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