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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Very Bad Pain

Wow I had my hip surgery yesterday I never felt such bad pain. I htought having a baby was the worst but it doesn't compare to this especially right after--They made me stay int he short stay unit for 15 hours becase during recovery I had so much pain they had to give me alot of  pain medicine my pain was just always a 9 or 10. 
Then laying down is the worst, Thats what I did most of the time I was there is lay. Did get up a few times to go to the bathroom but that's about it and that was almost unbearable. 
The Dr. removed a part of my bursa, loosened part of the bursa, and said the whole bura was very infected and had to be totally cleaned out. I am hoping this takes care of alot of my problem I know it will probabley not take care of it all though.
Besides all this pain I am having I am taking Ultram, Tylenol 3, and morphine pills, which do not help much. I am having pain in my left hip now both my legs still tingle, and my left foot goes partially numb, so I am having trouble sititng, laying, and walking because it hurts to put pressure on both hips.
I will get over soon the pain will go away or most of it anyways and I will be able to things again I just hope my 5 year old grand daughter doesn't resent me asking her to do a few thigns for me. I am hhoping she will get a lesson out of it by helping others in need. Doesn't hurt her to do a few things though.
well more to follow

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