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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My New Home

Hi Ya'll
Thank you for returning to read about my Chaotic life. A lot has happened since I was here last. I bought a house in January this year, My very first house I have ever owned. It is a fixer upper but I love working on my own projects, and didn't have the money for a move in ready home so a fixer upper it is.
I am in the process of having siding put on my house after that will be a fixed roof, and a small balcony attached to the upstairs bedroom. It will really look awesome when it is done. Right now the house is all wood and a lot of it is rotting so it needs it.
Inside I have painted the living room, the bathroom, and my grand daughter's bedroom . took out the nasty good frame and shower doors replaced it with a shower rod and a curtain with lighthouses on it.I am now in the process of painting my kitchen cupboards. I have half of them primed and 2 doors painted with white paint. I have all the gold handles taken off they will be sprayed silver to match the new sink and faucet,.
The cupboards now are brown outlined in tan and they just don't look right and I have always wanted white cabinets. I have no idea why I see them getting dirty a lot but I think the kitchen will look so much brighter.
There was a really ugly looking built in table in the kitchen they used a piece of wood to make a leg, didn't paint it or anything, and used black and white peal and stick tile on the top it looked really bad. So I took it down bought a country looking table at a wonderful little store. The top needs a little sanding and some light stain put on it but that will come in time.
There is a really long counter in the kitchen with lots of bottom cupboards and the top is done in that same ugly black and white tile. I guess they just wanted to go cheap, which I am a cheap skate also but there is a way things can be cheap and still look pretty, Soon I will be putting a butcher block top on it that will make the kitchen.
I still need to paint the laundry room my bedroom the garage door, paint the bathroom vanity which is huge! Thinking about getting a smaller one will make the bathroom so much bigger but I love all the drawers and it isn't something that needs to be done now, Besides white will really spruce it up.
I have a attached garage, which I think is really awesome, I have never had a garage before period,  It is  big enough to store some things, and I can sand and paint my furniture out there without doing it in my living room which I did at my other home.
here are before and after pictures of the living room and the table
Thank you everyone for reading.
Have a great day!!

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