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Sunday, May 29, 2011

a bored person

I haven't written a blog in awhile been busy and bored at the same time. I am still frustrated I wish I could open a home business. I sell AVON but that isn't going real well I think if I could spend more time on it it coiuld be I only work 25 hours per week, but between working,  full time care of my 5 year old grand daughter(Happy Birthday today Makayla) taking care of a house, I don't have alot of time. The time I do have I don't do very much.nI did manage to get 2 rose bushes 2 geraniums and some perinals planted. I have another half flat of flowers to plant but it has rained everyday for the last 2 weeks it seems.
I have been having some hip trouble so I had a pain block today, didn't take away my pain totally but Iam hoping as the days go it gets better then I may feel like doing more. I want to have a yard sale in June, I want to paint my bedroom and plant more flowers. I actually have a small home that I like.
my granddaughter will be starting school in September Kindergarten, I enrolled her in a charter school. Hopefully that will work out. 
I don't do much in the evenings someitmes, wish I had the friends and the money to go out but I don't maybee someday. Otherwise I sit at home watch tv I love HGTV and criminal minds. I play with my granddaughter, I don't know what I would do without her. She is alot work but I love having her with with me. Tuesday is her U of M appt, Dr. wants to check out her new night time braces.
well Iam going to close for now it is 4am I have a birthday party to prepare for and I still haven't wrapped her gifts. a new pool she will love.
have a great day and thanks for reading!

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