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Monday, June 13, 2011

Just gramma.....continues....

I made a reservation today for Frankenmuth, Mi I can only afford to stay one night and 2 days but we should have a good time. My daughter, son, grand daughter, daughter's b/f, and myself are going-we hve tickets to the splash park, dinner, and breakfast. We will be going on the riverboat tour, going to the milatary muesum, and grand daughter will be doing build a bear, the saturday after we are going to the zoo, 3rd weekend in July we are going up north rent a pontoon boat, and going ot the water park. I am trying to do some cool things with my grand daughter she starts kindergarten in September, and has to have surgery on her foot in October. I was hoping surgeries would be done, but the orthopedic surgeon says she needs another one, will be a little easier this time only one foot, all her other surgeries were both feet. She will have a cast up to the waist for 2 weeks then one just below the knee for another 5 weeks. 
It's hard to believe my grand duaghter Makayla is 5 years old now we just celebrated her birthday May 29th.
I still haven't got a home business other than Avon, but I am still working on it. Hopefully with God's guidance one will come along soon.
Taking Makayla to a memorial service thursday her other grandma passed away she does not know she is her grandma has only seen her once in the last 2 years but I think it's appropiate that she go. I hope I am making the right decision.  Time will tell.
well so much more I want to wrote about but it's late, and I have 2 tests scheduled at the hospital in the morning, so I'm going to go to bed.
Thanks all God Bless!

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