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Saturday, June 2, 2012

life unkind

Well My grand daughter's birthday was May 29th she turned 6 years old, we were having a party for her today June 2nd as the weekend before was memeorial day weeknd and thought it wasn't a good time. I bought invitations filled them out and took them to school she handed each I went one out ot each of her 18 classmates. We got 6 rsvps from parents. So I went out and bought party plates, napkins, a banner, 2 table cloths, cups, hugs juices, freeze pops, and ice cream cups had a beautiful barbie fairy cake made, and ordered pizzas. we had it at a park that she loves. Took all the supplies out there hung up the banner, taped the table cloths on, laid evrythign out nice but the candles on the cake, then waited, and waited, and waited and not one child showed up. I was so disappointed, because I knew she was going to be disappointed. Finally at 1:45, 45 minutes after the party was suppose to start we packed everythign up put it all back into the car and went to my mother's house to have the party there. (it was a very windy day and everything was blowing all over) so it was myself, my grand daughter, my daughter, my son. my mother and step dad she had a good time and got some awesome gifts from us but my mother and I did alot of work in getting the party together and spent a good chuck of change to have no one show up. I also hurt alot since I had to help load and unload cars and walk a little ways to get to the tables at the park but I wanted to make her happy, so now I just hurt.
Makayla mentioned it a couple times she was upset no one showed up but the 2 people that made her the most sad was her so called grandpa and my daughter's boyfriend. She loves them both so much and they just walked out of her life like they had never met her. makes me very sad for her. I never expected either of them to show up my ex the one she calls grandpa knew there was a party but was never invited, my daughter's boyfriend was told about the party several times and his excuse was he forgot.
I can not figure out why they disappoint her so often. I think she is getting used to her grandpa not comming around she hasn't seen him since January. My daughter's boyfriend used to come over alot, holidays birthdays, and every saturday take her and my daughter out and she was so excited when he showed up but he just stopped for some reason. I guess she is beginning to learn sadley at a young age that men can disappoint.
I am also very worried about money, I get a little disability from work, and I get a little child support for being guardian to my grand daughter but that isn't always dependable. I don't always get the same amount and sometimes I go without any at all some weeks. I applied for SSD and got turned down but I hear everyone does the first time. So I have just retained a attorney to help fight my appeal. I have a little stash money I use every month to pay my bills but what do I do when that runs out? It often weighs on my mind and stresses me out a little.
I also need a new vehicle the one I have now is old and seems there is a new different noise on it every week it can not be driven out of the town I live in as I don't want to drive it far just in case. It has been good so far but one one day it is going to quit, I have enough to pay cash for one but then what would I do for  my monthly bills? so I just keep the van I have and hope it last until I come into some money.
ok well everyone keep safe love ya's!

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