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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just a little of this and that

Well it is 4:50 in the morning and I have not been to bed yet, I tried laying down but my legs are tingling so bad that I can't lay.
I went to a pain Dr yesterday she agreed with my pain Dr that I have RSD(CRPS) and that a spine stimulator is the best treatment for me. I have to see a pain psychologist to make sure I am not too depressed or have too much going on in my life to have the stimulator. I also have to see a vascular Dr just to rule out vascular disease, which the pain Dr is sure I do not have.
I am having a yard sale this weekend, the ones \I had in then past did not turn out so well but this time I have gotten half the things for sale up from the basement a week ago, I have clothes folded, soemthings priced, Tomorrow the glass, and dishes will be washed and priced. The remaining things in the basement will be brought up so I can clean and price them, I made up signs my daughter is hanging them up on bullentin boards in 4 different stores. I will be making signs from poster board to put on 4 different streets I have a couple more tables than I had last year so things can be arranged better.
I have placed a ad in my local newpaper, announced the sale on facebook, and craigslist. So I think I have covered all my basis I sure hope it goes well. Not only do I need the extra money but with only half the things upstairs the basement sure looks alot better. I want the stuff gone.
My birthday is in 8 days my mom and her best friend are takign me to the casino. I sure hope I come out a winner even if it is just a little, but if not I love getting out of the house I don't very often due to my legs hurting and being weak. I am taking a wheelchair just in case.
I fell over tonight took all my might to catch myself from falling held on to the kitchen table it moved my dog barked with all the noise this is at 3am.
Not sure what today will bring I still have alot to do for the sale with no sleep will be hard but i will get through it.
Everyone have a great week more to come

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