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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

I am sorry I haven't written anything in awhile but my fingers have been hurting really bad too bad to type a blog.
 I visited another pain Dr here in Monroe wanted a second opinion on a spine stimulator. The new Dr did say I could get one she told me how it usually only controls 50% of people's pain, every person is different may only control 10% of my pain. i watched the dvd they gave me almost all the people that have stimulator that talked on there said they need to take pain meds when there pain becomes bad enough that the stimulator doesn't take care of it,  the internet and a pamphlet I was given said the battery in the stimulator usually last 5 years which if I live 20 more years I will need 4 more surgeries to have the battery replaced, if it loosens or comes out of place I will need surgery to put it back. So I have decided I do not want the stimulator.
It seems too much trouble for me. I am taking pain meds every evening and before I lay down to sleep, today I had to take one when I got up I laid too long, more than my body could handle. I haven't been sleepeing much maybee 2 hours a night and I guess last night I just needed sleep. I hurt every minute of every day.
The insurance company that poays me my diasability insurance from work sent me a letter and a form for my Dr to fill out, it stated that my orth Dr and my 2nd pain Dr didn't put any restrictions on me for working and if they aren't goign to then they aren't goign to pay me. I could hardley believe it. I can hardley walk maybee 5 mins before my legs give out, have to ride a motorized cart when I go shopping which is only maybee twice a month,  have to use a cane 100% of the time I have a walker when both my hips hurt, only sleep 2 hours a night because of pain, I can no longer vaccuum, plant flowers in the yard, go downt he basement to do do laundry and I have no work restrictions? I called noth the Dr's offices one sent me the last office note and it said nothign about work restrictions that I could or couldn't he is the Dr that put me off work so I figure he didn't think he needed to put it one way or another. I am still waiting for the office note from the pain Dr.
Not sure what I will do without that money I can not work, I was getting $92.00 in food stamps they got cut down to $16.00 a month like anyone can eat on that per month. I piut in a application to get mediciad because after this month I can longer to pya my insurance through the Cobra plan its 472.12 a month and I just can't do it anymore, the DHS has to deem me disabled to get it my file has to go before a committee. If they deny me not sure what I will do without insurance can't afford all my Dr's and mediciation. That's another reason for not wanting the stimulator if somethign goes wrong I woil dnever be able to afford to get it fixed.
On a happier note I am goign to Houghton Lake on the 10th for a whole week, boating evening fires with smores and the fresh air. I can not wait a friend is letting us stay at his trailor up there and use his boat so it is a cheap vacation for myself and my grand daughter, just some food and gas. I won't be able to do much but just sitting on the boat going slower than normal will be a treat.
Well I am closing going to my mothers for a 4th of July cook out. everyone have a wonderful day!

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