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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Domestic Violence

Friends October is Domestic Violence awareness month I have shared a few blog posts about my experiences with domestic violence, mostly verbal abuse thank Goodness  I was never hit, slapped, or beaten up, I was never in a hospital, I never had to hide bruises or make up stories about them when they were discovered by someone like I have heard and read women have. The most physical my ex husband got was he pushed me twice once up against a wall once up against a kitchen counter,But did have my life threatened a couple times, I was never allowed to have a opinion, I was ridiculed, he always wanted things to go his way or he would get mad at me. I had to file a protective order against him once because mainly of his threats. The thing about it is he was such a nice and good man when he was not drinking, When he got drunk is when it started. We are no longer together, which even with all I have been through I still wish we were, I wish he could be the person he is when not drunk all the time, But we don't always get what we wish for.
God has a reason for the things that happens. He wanted us apart maybe he knew it was going to get worse in the abuse and he foresaw it, I don't know I don't like being alone but it isn't the worst thing in the world.
I just want women to understand that if they are abused physically, emotionally, mentally or verbally to leave. I know you think it is impossible, you don't have a job, or money but it possible. call the abuse hotline they will give you the nearest women's shelter to go. Please don't wait it because waiting may make it too late.

God Bless!!!

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