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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Most Males are Jerks

I have come to believe that there isn't a nice guy out there. My daughter was really excited recently, I haven't seen her happy in a long time, her old friend she hasn't seen in 5 years came to Michigan to see her. He took us all out to eat and the zoo one day and has been by the house to visit twice. He told us how great the state he lives in was and was really hoping we would move out there to be close to him, he would help us get a place and move. We were all really excited, we hate living in Michigan where it gets cold. With my hips warmer weather would be great.
This person was hoping to be more than friends with my daughter which I originally thought was awesome. He has a nice place to live, owns his own business, does pretty good for himself and he actually liked my daughter.
we told him that the soonest we could move was December 27th as I had a previous obligation I could not break. He was good with that would give us time to pack and for him to find us a place.
He is leaving Michigan tomorrow (friday 10/12/12) back to his home state he came by the house last night told my daughter that he was going to travel around a few states until Christmas and he wanted her to come with him. She said I don't see how I can I have Makayla(her Daughter) she is in school. He said well leave her with your mom and they can both come out in December as planned. She said that will be hard because my mom has a obligation and take take her, and I don't know if I can be away from her for 2 months. He said well I am leaving friday so let me know before then she said ok.
tonight (thursday) she texted him on the phone and said as much as I want to travel with you and can't wait to move near you I really can't move until December 27th as planned. He said well no biggie I got back with my ex girlfriend and we are getting married here soon.
She is devastated to say the least! in ONE day this guy went ot caring about my daughter to saying never mind I am marrying someone else she wants to travel with me and I don't want to wait any longer I am tired of being alone.
What I am wondering about is....why did he say all of this in this in the first place just last night he was talking about her going with him, and today he marrying another girl??????? Just doesn't make sense to either of us. She was so upset he said so and so is a jerk I'm going to bed and did!
I feel so bad for her. Her ex she broke up with around 2 months ago was a real nice guy I really liked him He loved her daughter and she loved him, they were together over 2 years, Then he just stopped coming around, stopped calling, stopped texting. Then we seen on his facebook page a girl displayed a picture of the flowers he had sent her. Needless to say my daughter was very upset. Then my ex the things he did and out me and family through.
 I just don't understand why men are so cruel. Why they think it is ok to treat women so badly and hurt them. I guess I will never know. It is a shame my daughter has to keep going being hurt she is such a sweet girl. She would help you do anything she could, she would give you unconditional love and not as for a lot in return.
Oh well just shows you the way the world is today. terrible!

God Bless!

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