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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Family, and Me

It is 10:40pm on a sunday night-one week ago my right leg gave out and I fell down the basement stairs I got a huge bruise on my right buttocks, small bruises on my thighs, and both inner arms and some scrapes but thank the good Lord I didn't break anything, and I could have landed on my head or face instead of my backside. I am still off work suppose to go back to the Dr. on October 29th but I can not see myself returning as I still get sharp pains in my right hipk my leg gives out, and I still can not walk very far. I get really bored at home and I sure am tired of being of pain but what can I do?
I did receive some good news took my grand daughter to her Orthopedic Dr at the U of M and he has decided that she does NOT need surgery right now fantastic! it was very unexpected news he says maybee sometime as she gets grows. We will deal with it when the time comes. 
My son moved into a disabled apartment on August 11, 2011 and he seems to be doign very well. Except for the clothes all over, dirty dishes in the sink, and never havign a amde bed. lol. He rides the bus, volunteers 2 days a week at our hopital's lab, and gets groceries, so I can't complain. 
My 24 year old  daughter has moved into the basement space that my son used to occupy and there have been a few problems. She has severe ADHD, Bipolar, and depression. Some days are a real challenge. We argue some days as little things that wouldn't mean anything to you or I seem upset her alot. She will yell, scream, and call names, other times she will cry becase she got her feelings hurt. She talks 100 miles per minute, and is always going from one thing to another, But we are getting through it. I am hoping she gets approved for SSI, very hard for her to keep a job as she is hyper, has very bad memory loss and can not understand verbal or written instructions. I love her though.
The last 2 months I have sold some things on ebay and bought quite a bit for my granddaughter for Christmas. Living on 60% of my normal pay(which wasn't good anyways) I have to count all my pennies so this was a good way to get her Christmas done. I also bought something for my daughter and 1 thing for myself. Has been fun selling thing sI no longer need. I plan this week to put some of my grand daughter's toys on there that she has outgrown, can't wait to see the finale on those.
I stopped sellign AVON for a coupe months was just getting too much, But I decided to pick it back up. I need to learn to advertise more and pass out books. I am also gonna try blogging for payment I like to wrote and I like using the computer since i am off work thoguht it may be a way to earn some extra cash.
well Iam going to sign off for now. Remember ladies to always know the signs of abuse and  get out early before you get hurt.
take care

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