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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ho Hum

well It's 12:49am on a saturday and I am not a bit tired. Haven't done much today, guess I am getting used to going to bed after 2am only getting about 3 hours of sleep at night. I am still off work because of my hips, It isn't  a bad thing  just a little boring, I also smoke way to much sitting at home I am afraid if I go back to work I won't have health insurance becase of my hours being cut, my hip giving out and me not being able to work, I would have to be home without being paid by work disability. It is tough I dont make as much being on disability as I do working isn't that much different.  I have some things facebook's yardsellr, and on ebay hoping I sell 2 or 3 of them I sold quite a few things about a month ago and was able to buy my grand daughter and daughter some things for Christmas, I have 2 Christmas layaways one for my grand daughter and one for my son so Iam gettign there.
My son seems to be doing pretty well living in his own apartment just hasn't found the cleaning nack yet. My daughter on the other hand is very childlike, she is bi polar, adhd, and has depression. She takes a awful lot of pills everyday(well suppose to everyday) She is very caring but some days are a real challenge for me with her. She has always had problems and I was always able to hadle whatever whatever came along, but as she gets older(now 24) or should I say as I get older it is more difficult. 
I seem to tolerate things alot less. I really try thoough, and most days I succeed, But soem days I just have to get it off my chest, and we end up in a argument.She has a appointment with a SSI Dr. I am hoping she is approved for it would help us out so much. She seems to get jobs but she can't keep them. Her concentration is not very good, she doesn't understand written or oral instruction very well, I really think she tries It is sad sometimes becase she feels so bad when she is let go, Things will get better I am hoping it is soon.  
Well I am getting tired so I will sign off for now. hopefully I will have soem ebay sells to brag about the next post.
God Bless All

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