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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My life is becomming a disaster

well, life is becomming very sad for me lately, I have a Dr appt tomorrow everytime I go I have to pay $55.00 that I do not have, $35.00 for my co-pay and $20 bucks for the Dr to fill out a paper for work, hopefully I won't have more than 1 $20 per page. Money is getting very tight for me lately, I know others have the same problem, so I complain and others and are in the same situation, I am sorry for that. I wish we all had enoguh to pay rent, utilites, cars, inusrance, etc and not have to struggle. I do not even have a credit card or loan other than my car payment, and I am still having a hard time. I was getting child support but I didn't get it today hummmmmmm.
My daughter has a appointment with a SSI examiner I am so hoping she approved. with her ADHD, and bi-polar she has a hard time keeping job she has had several jobs she just can not keep them very long.  She has given it a few years before hse applied, we didn't want to take advantage of the system.
My son is still doing good in his own apt I am happy about that.
Iam not doing very good with my etsy web site have only sold 1 thing since I opened it and that was this time last year Iam really thinking it's not worth it to keep it open. I also have not been doign good with my AVON. I do not have the ambition to pass out business cards or books I haven't advertised much. I only had 2 orders last campaign one my mother and one a regular customer I owed my mother the amount of her avon and the regular customer had a credit so I ended up paying the whole thing so I did not make any money on it. So Iam thinking it is not worth it to keep it anymore either. I have to pay for books etc and not making a profit I end up losing money.
My last day of therapy tomorrow I do think it has helped a little but not enough to make a big difference. I did make my therapist and his assistant soem chocolats chips cookies, I will miss them.
well thats it for now.

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