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Thursday, November 17, 2011


well it's November 17th my youngest child my son's 23rd birthday today, having ice cream and cake for him at my house, no biggie but it's something.
I went to a new Dr. monday a orthopedic a St. Joes in Ann Arbor, he was very nice. He thinks I may have a muscle tear in my hip, I go back on the 28th. He wanted me to use a cane so I went and got one today bright pink with roses all over it. My hip has been hurting alot lately I laid down at 10:30pm which is very early for me, and I am up at 1:58am I just couldn't lay anymore, whole leg was hurting. It is going to be a very long day.
We received a letter yesterday that my daughter got turned down for SSI I can't believe it, she needs it so bad for survival. She just has a hard time in life.I called a SSI lawyer that don't except your money unless you win. hopefully things will get moving soon.
I wish my disability insurance through work didn't screw around wiht me so much, sometimes they make me wait three weeks for a check, I get back paid but it's hard waiting that long for money.
I have been doing pretty good selling things on ebay in the last month I have sold, a Bratz doll, a kids Dora purse, a kids Hannah montana purse, 2 jars of avon anew cream, a cross stitch kit, a pair of girls shoes, 2 bottles of avon purfume, and right now I have a mcikey mouse clubhouse I currently have a big bid on. I was able to do alot of Christmas shopping with the money I made. I also do mypoints I save up my points all year to get a gift card for Christmas. I just purchased one for my son to put in his christmas stocking 25.00 not much but it free.
I wish I had the money to do after Thanksgiivving shopping, but I don't. There really isnt a whole lot i need I have my mother, step dad, and grand daughter done, I have my son almost done just money in a card to go. I just have to work on my daughter. not much time left. 
hoping to figure out how to put some picks on here- I have a etsy shop everyone can check that out.
going to sign off hoping to get some more sleep have a great day.

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