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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a few good moments

Well it's 12:26am on wednesday tomorrow is Thanksgiving just having myself, my daughter, son, and grand daughter for dinner but it will be a good meal I thank vry much my unit manager and charge nurse for the turkey and all the trimmings or I wouldn't have had a dinner.
I did very well selling on ebay the last 2 months. My grandaughter cleaned out some toys she no longer plays with I sold some of that those, 2 of her kids pures, I sold my old diamond wedding ring didn't need those bad memories anymore, I sold some clothing, some avon perfume, now I have one of her toys sold and 3 other items being watched. I was able to buy half of my granddaughters Christmas gifts, a gift card for my son, and 2 gifts for my daughter from the money I made so I did pretty good. In th espring I will be doing alot of yard selling and reselling on ebay.
I am also gonna give it a try making diaper cakes and gift baskets this weekend. See if they sell if so I will continue making them hopefully make some bill money. I need somehting I can do from home with my hips the way they are. I am still hoping to one day open a second hand shop we have a few in my area but htey aren't vvery good, the one good we had just closed. I wan tto learn to refurbish furniture to sell in the shop I have a big backyard i can paint and do repairs and as soon as I get my son's boxes out of hte basement I will have a whole storage room for things.
 I was able to buy my daughter a Big Time Rush ticket for Christmas, the concert isnt until February 2012 but she is very excited to go.
Had a little get together for my son last week, his 23rd birthday just ice cream and cake. He wanted a red velvet cake so I made one, He made a few bucks, plus a gift card so it was a good day.
Iam getting very excited to decorate for Christmas I love all the lights and the decorated tree, hoping this sat to ge the tree up.
I went to the Dr this last monday he gave me ascript for a cane I got a bright pink one with roses all over it kinda purdy
So we have had a pretty good week if my diaper cake and gift baskets turn out the week will be a huge success.
more to come.

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