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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

rearranging 11/29/2011

it has been raining alot last night and today and suppose to rain all tomorrow too--my basement is unfinished it gets water around the edges have lots of towels down have to wrong them out and dry then every day during the rain,
My daughter lives down there becase it is a big space, I only have a 2 bedroom house, I have offered her my bedroom, I sleep on the couch becase with my hip I only sleep 2 hours at a time. She wants the big basement so I am giving my grand daughter my room for a playroom. She has the big bedroom but with her  computer and bed and bins upon bins upon bins of toys and barbies she just doesnt hav enough room. She has toys in her mom's basement room I jsut don't want her down there anymore. So that is my weekend project hopefully. getting rid of my bed and crafts things and moving her bins of toys and her wood shelf of dvd's into the other room.
also she is going to ride in the Ida, Michigan parade on a  float on saturday so it will be a busy weekend.
I did sell 6 more thigns on ebay not alot put I make a little money and I get rid of thing sI no longer need, going to save everything and have a yard sale this spring hopefully it will do better than my last one did.
I am haivng another pain injection this friday, I have had 5 already but this new Orthopedic Dr thinks I need another one, he found a partial tear in the muscle of my bursa in my hip if the injection doesn't work he will have to go in and repair the tear. oh well another drama in my life.
well signing off more to come

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