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Monday, August 27, 2012

Alittle Bit of Alot

I have had a busy couple weeks. I bought carpet tiles for my living room and hallway at my local Habitat Restore. I really like that store for some things. the carpet tiles were bigger than I have seen before, they were 1.75 per tile total for all I bought was 21.50 I thought that was a great deal.

I bought pink spray paint at hte Restore and painted a trash can for my grand daughter's room, We are going to pick out stitckers to put on it from my massive box of scrapbooking stickers.

My ex husband came down last week to visit our grand daughter while he was here he reupolstered my cedar chest. I really like the fabric that was on there looked hand stitched it was the original fabric and the chest is 29 years old, but it was time for it to be redone, it had stains all over it I tried cleaning it, didn't clean,  I put it in the washer that was a bad idea so it is recovered looks very nice though.
He also took the air conditioner out of the living room window and put it in my basement for me(that hting is very heavy needed a dolly) and then he cleaned my window. I really appreciate those things.

I also put a coat of blue paint on the step comming in the side door, it needs another coat. I hung up the 2 sailboat pictures in the entryway. I still need to paint the trim in the entryway. I am very impatient and would love for it to be done Now but with my hip pain I can only do it when they allow me to.
My mother grand daughter and I went to a shoe store 25 minutes from us because they have special shoes extra and triple extra wide. we needed new shoes for school, The woman that helped us measured her feet with her braces on and made sure they fit properly,  Makayla picked out black shoes with pink trim. New Balance They look awesome.

Talking about Ebay I have listed quite a few things which takes alot of time to take the pictures, put them on the computer, load the pictures onto ebay, and  describe all the items. I have also  sold quite a few things on there in the last 2 weeks,  mostly clothes. I have also bought quite a few things clothes for my grand daughter, a book for my son's birthday(which isn't until November) and 2 cross stitches for myself.
I decided to send my grand daughter to a regular public school this year no more blue and white uniforms Yeaaaaaaa. So I needed to buy her some regular clothes. I found a bunch on Ebay that were really cute and half of what I bought still have tags on them. I can't wait to get them.
My mother came by today and had her 2 cute tops and black and pink sparkley skort that Makayla has decided is going to be her first day of school outfit.

I still have quite alot on Ebay I am hoping I need my paypal back up a little for Christmas. But it was nice to have the money in paypal to buy the clothes so I didn't have to spend the cash.
As you can see I have had a busy 2 weeks but I love having accomplished things.
I am hoping not to be gone so long between posts, my hips have been hurting quite alot and it is hard for me to sit.

So until next time God Bless!

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