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Sunday, August 5, 2012

2 Small Projects

Hi everyone- I thought I would share with you 2 small projects I did. After the floors were done I painted the cold air return covers They were white and looked really bad with new floors. I spray painted them brown. Here is a before picture(white) and a after picture (brown) 

As you can see the white trim now to be painted. I will get to that in the next couple weeks. I have a really hard time getting down and up on the floor and can't sit very long once I am down.
I also did another small project today I had a blahh plain white wall so I decided to put up a series of computer generated pictures I had of Jesus with babies and children. They were made a few years ago for me I framed each of them in a black frame. I think they purked up the wall very well.
Not big projects but sprused up the house some.
Sorry for the short length of this blog tonight I am hoping the next one will be longer.
God Bless Everyone and Good Night!

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