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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ebay Trials

Well I sold quite a few things on Ebay this week I put all my grand daughters school uniforms on there from last year I had one lady buy 2 pants and 4 skorts. I had another person buy a school skort, and another buy  dress. I was pretty happy, I am saving up my paypal money to buy things for Christmas liek I did last year.
Well today I get a email that the person who bought the 6 uniforms her bank cancelled her payment to me I was very upset. I had a 155.00 diamond ring get lost in the mail, I was so upset I went tothe post office 5 times, called the post office they couldn't find it I insured it and added a trackign number, even with that they couldn't find it. This happened 2 months ago. 
paypal decided to refund the buyers money from my account which I didn't think was fair becase she got her money but I didn't have the ring. Paypal and ebay knew I sent by the trackign number i produced, but they still said screw the seller. Me! Fortunetly a older lady finally received the ring 2 1/2 weeks after I mailed it and sent it back to me. 
So needless to say I am very upset about this situation. I called paypal they basically said your screwed because I didn't add a tracking number this time. Didn't help me with the ring so I figured why bother? 
They say without one they can't prove i sent it. I have a 100% feedback they should know I sent it. 
Ebay won't let me open a case because they got the original transaction that the person paid but it doesn't show that the payment was stopped only paypal has that. I really hope I am not out more money.
I think that ebay needs to find a better system to help protect the seller too. I do not think it is fair that if something happens not the sellers fault that the seller always get penalized.  But it is what it is. Hopefully the account with the buyer will get worked out and they will take the hold off my paypal.
Has anyone else ever had problems with ebay or paypal?
Take care all!

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